The Dirt Pocket

Pockets, how deep do they get?

Communism. Rodolfo, the Hungarian illusionist is smuggling things through the custom by slipping them into the agent’s pockets for the tap down and stealing back them afterwards.

A primary Wave 2 takes the RSI2 from a Red to a Blue (or at least tries for 3 times) – in red.

Adolfo after putting things into the primary Wave 2 pocket and then with a primary Wave 4 returning to look at the scene of the crime from a close proximity. After walking off briefly if Dolfie changes his mind and decides to reach into the pocket, with the power of surprise, he can run off with a secondary wave count.

Interestingly, the secondary wave counts may come with the secondary Wave 3 becoming the furthest point and Wave 5 falling short of it, as the image ballustrates.

The brown bags are the dirt pockets. The secondary wave count ends in the Utmost condition. There is no tertiary wave count.

The dirt pockets can be 15-50 pips deep, but normally would cap out at 36. Of course you knew all this without my hilfe.