About what I do:
I have been trading since 2009. I also have been developing charting aids, for I was never satisfied with what was available. I am a creator, I make things from scratch. I have been developing automated trading routines since the middle of 2016. Apart from being a developer of trading applications I am a developer of something even more important: the right way of thinking.


About the title:
Forex Fore – refers to Forex advantage. Fore – having knowledge of something ahead of the time.
…and there is a hidden gag there as well, as in Forex ForeVer…


About why to hang out with me:

I hold a lot of truths. I have been on very long quests to find answers. I know what the primary objective of the trader is (not losing money was disqualified, because it encourages passivity and non-participation, thus eliminating the very definition of a trader). We are not talking about wishes and ideas here, but the practical side of the how and where. Do you?


About the author:
Macdulio is a made up name. As a matter of fact, it was not even mine to begin with. Since the original owner deceased and I set up his email account, I basically inherited this name.
It is more unique than Madonna which makes it easy to search for.

With reason feel free to contact me at


If there ever was a professor of trading title, I should probably be honored with it, if not for my unique inventions such as the energy bands, if not for my ability to think backwards, then for my research in charting, the findings, the relentless effort to translate lingo into running code and for coming up with true and usable definitions for abstract ideas – see for instance my “Driven Thrusts” entry, where side effects like include knowing how to point out overt eagerness of selling on the chart itself.

Think about the answer to this one for instance: what makes a support a support (obviously not drawing a line on a chart), and how would you explain to an algorithm where to find one? It took me a decade to figure the best definition.