Environment / Downloads

You may download in this section the .ex4 files that I decided on sharing in a zipped format.

You shall need to transfer the unpacked files in the Indicators folder of your MT4 and after restarting the application, these should show up amongst the indicators.

Since these routines use colors from white to black, a mid to light shade gray background is suggested.

I have nothing against the Yen pairs (other than the constant interventions), but they would require a multiplication of 100 for every calculation and this I did not implement.

If you always feel an urge to trade (a bit of a problem) the 6 pairs that I have buttons for,


should provide you with an opportunity in any trading session.

_36_Only V1_1







16 Bracket – fake out reversal finder for 4H charts – form fitted to EUR/USD

V1.2.3 has added pro volume filter and deep water upside reversals included

V1.2.4 one added condition for sell

V1.2.9 back to back eliminated; an additional sell that falls short from the bracket; some additional sell filter; and an exhaustion buy signal

V1.3R added RSI divergence heads

V1.5 has 4h Doji Highs and Lows plotted by shaded rectangles


Custom finder of white flags / left shoulders that would likely be re-visited
and blue butterflies / heads – fake out, break, back test should happen here
use it on 4H or 30 min


blue bar – strong updrift, left shoulder printed
red bar – strong downdrift, left shoulder printed
This version does not allow for parameter changes


Projected distance of an impulsive move
No time frame restrictions, but I use it on 4H mainly
Don’t forget to put the chart in the foreground


calculates a possible distance from the las full consolidation level and makes suggestions
based on 15min readings; w means the weight (the root)



Stochastic lines at every 10% mark from 10% to 90%
of the 1590 Sample highs and lows
black lines: oversold/overbought (20%, 80%)
coral lines: deeply oversold/ deeply overbought (10%, 90%)
orange line: median (50%)

The plus marks up the upper and lower reversal zones in addition



For  more info on this one look up the Blog Post with the same title.

V1.2 has “End game mode” sell included


Plots 2 lines on any time frame, that are based on RSI 2 readings and they should define a restrictive frame around the price movements.


Skid Rock plots the curious skid marks in recent time that represent entrapment, a divergence. 30 minutes and below: play the break-outs. Higher time frames: play the failures – when price comes back through these lines.


Bonus for those who cared to visit here.


207, 414, 828, 1656 (long term) EMA channels between the highs and the lows – plus the consolidation weights/maggots (deflectors) in one package. Works on 30 min and up.


414, 828, 1556 (long term) EMA channels, and 1,3, 5x Fluctuation Displacements. Works on 30 min only.


The new version has 26 instead of 16 range of examination sample above the daily time frame.