Who is this blog for?

Who is this blog for?

It is for people that have or considering to have a Forex account and chose MT4 to be their trading platform.

If you are looking for anything fundamental / wishing to get a hold of insider information, such as how much reserve does the Bank of England has to support their currency and have millions to play with (I other words you are aspiring to break a currency like George Soros), this blog is not for you.

If you are operating with less capital and looking to make a million percent gains (compounded) in a safe manner, this blog may be for you.

If you believe that everything is on the chart, you just need to learn to interpret it right, this blog is for you.

I post here my own ideas, findings, tools and make an effort to pass on what I know.

The idea behind the analytic tools that are being posted here are to serve as an aid

– for identifying reversals, naming the left shoulders and the heads

– to figuring out the direction of progression,

to plot price movement projected targets,

to calculate and display ATR limit targets.

 The environment is going to be under constant development, so the posted .EX4 routines would carry a version number.