Near Hisses

There are 23 similarities of how these two lows were made. Can you spot them all?

Both lows were made whilst the Crack Ho was embedded. Korrek. What else?

There were Zero-Mastodon trendlines (M-Axis) printed.

There was an approach that got really close (less than 4 pips in both cases) to the Axis & then there were fractals. Bill Williams advanced you these, so smart money may get going during the second hour of the low, knowing that this fractal would not likely be taken back.

When the market is embedded, it has a slip. The clutch has to be engaged twice, a single, M (measuring leg) pullback would have to be followed by a D (divergent leg) that usually would exceed the M by a few pips.

I made my first book’s cover more than 30 years ago with a Picture Publisher on a Windows 3.1.

I was always going to be someone. A drunk with big muscles in a far away land is no longer an unattainable dream.

“You’re only happy when you’re down.” Nial Fuller

Little 15
You help her forget
The world outside
You’re not part of it yet
And if you could drive
You could drive her away
To a happier place
To a happier day
That exists in your mind
And in your smile
She could escape there
Just for a while
Little 15… Little 15
Why take the smooth with the rough
When things run smooth
It’s already more than enough
She knows your mind
Is not yet in league
With the rest of the world
And it’s little intrigues
Do you understand
Do you know what she means
As time goes by
And when you’ve seen what she’s seen
You will
Little 15… Little 15
Why does she have to defend
Her feelings inside
Why pretend
She’s not had a life
A life of near misses

Now all that she wants
Is 3 little wishes
She wants to see with your eyes
She wants to smile with your smile
She wants a nice surprise
Every once in a while
Little 15

So, did I cry wolf 16 pips too early?

Perhaps. But at least I managed to figure out a bunch of things I was missing, such as the overriding nature of embedding. The hook back count came out to be even as well. A hook back can be taken away just as a fractal. A Bollinger Band is but a vague idea of anticipated volatility change upper limit thus it isn’t a target as much as a near miss of the M-Axis is (sorry, IRA).

Props to Claws for liking my posts religiously.

Props to Douglas of the Le Bateau Ivre for the “don’t let my son go down on me”

Cause I’m loosing everything… But the very least the embedding.

A zero on the upside means the new position opening direction is up – for an entry an M would do for 2 hook-backs now that the embedding has ended. I think it is possible to say with 75% accuracy what is happening. All you need is an RSI2 and a Crack Ho.


The market evolves continually so you need to stay alert & hungry like one of them e-wolves (the devisa of trading).

The first thing you need to appreciate is what is a hook back (tie off) on the RSI2.

I put out some Weissmüller (oh boy, not another Tarzan!) circles for better views.

RSI2[i+1]<6 && RSI2[i]>6)
RSI2[i+1]>90.5 && RSI2[i]<90.5

Now, being able to count to two would help with the second stage.

As you can see on the image above, the odd counts are grayed out (Los Insignificantes*). You need to start paying attention to every second one of these.

In order for a turn to ensue, following the even print you need to see counter directional volatility, say 23 pips.

Below: 23 pips, and this break out is Alive.

Now, as for the counter resets, I use the zero conditions (see last blog entry titled Was geht? Was bleibt?)

And another thing: the crack HO losing an embedded status. I made 2 changes here, I traded the 80 and the 20 for 76 and 24 for visual markers & changed up the expression a bit to now roll with a summation, i,e,:.

iStochastic(symbol,60,60,3,3,MODE_SMA,0,MODE_SIGNAL,i+3)+iStochastic(symbol,60,60,3,3,MODE_SMA,0,MODE_SIGNAL,i+2)+iStochastic(symbol,60,60,3,3,MODE_SMA,0,MODE_SIGNAL,i+1)+iStochastic(symbol,60,60,3,3,MODE_SMA,0,MODE_SIGNAL,i+4)>320 && iStochastic(symbol,60,60,3,3,MODE_SMA,0,MODE_SIGNAL,i)<76

Peace out.

Los Insignificantes was my idea for the name of the touring music banda in the game where as an obstacle, the Columbian frog cartel throws bags full of blow from low flying double winged airplanes.

A new Mastodon was found and unearthed. M-Axis was generated automatically. Thanks again, Nick Rhodes (the indicator)! End of Wave 4.

One New Change is bringing down the upper M limit to 87.5

Another New Change is utilizing the Mastodon with 2-pips displacement for a break out hedge level.
Landing on grass with a Cestna on the Great Barrier Island, NZ.

Was geht? Was bleibt? (Diary-A)


There is only one trendline with mathematical, ROC validity, the M-axis that is defined by a Zero and an M point.


Continuation entries are M.D. (medical doctor) M.D. practitioner and M.D. undergraduate or a sudden / time restricted naked M. They yearn to achieve a qualified M.


An M-axis is considered broken if price closes on the other side and makes a move 2-pips beyond the end point.


A directional change can be caused by:

  • M-axis break
  • a Zero print in the opposite direction
  • a failed attack (fractal) that stops short of the newly minted M-axis

The M-D distance is typically 2, but not not more than 5 pips.


An M.D. is only interested in one thing: the resurrection of the Mastodon.


Your name is Victor Plankeinstein.

You work on an excavation.

Your objective is to resurrect a mastodon & then taking a ride on its back.

RSI2 is the drilling depth. You must find a corpse well preserved, so it has to be at the right depth, right temperature and from the right era.

The music looped is fittingly the Wooly Boogie song – we don’t know if it originated from the Pleistocene or the Iocene era, but it is primitive & catchy.

Once you rule out all the rational things, you are left with the unlikely, irrational answer.

Michael Hutchence

Signals classified

Strong: M.D. in the direction of the last Zero. Exit upon seeing an unearthed Mastodon print.

Medium: close beyond an M-Axis away from the last Mastodon. Play the break with 2-pips of displacement over the end point.

Weak: fractal print falling short the freshly drawn M-Axis.

Consider a Zero print as a warning for an upcoming Mastodon grave.

///////////zero on the top
(RSI2[i+1]>97.3 && RSI2[i]<82 && RSI2[i+5]<97.3)
///////////zero on the bottom
(RSI2[i+1]<2.3 && RSI2[i]>3  && RSI2[i+5]>3)

Everyone ends up becoming a story in the end. As it turns out, I did have a knack for paleontology (~trading).


Introducing the Zero Mastodon “Richtig” scale (the bottom line) – something that you would expect coming out of a person calling themselves Hiero-Griffin trading. People spend their lives with f-ing up their own thinking. I spend mine with trying to correct the flaws in my own.

I Need Protection

Hi guys, hope you’re well.

Macdulio Pastrami here.

I posted this image yesterday.

Zero – Outlier distance on top: 6.4 pips; Zero – Outlier distance on bottom: 11.7 pips; Outiler -Beat distance on the bottom: 10 pips (& an echo run extending it all the way to 23.5 pips later).

Let’s talk about it.

Leading Prognosticator

So as I said earlier, the bottom was in. If you tried to short here, you were picking up steam rollers in front of the penny or something.

My favouirite book is from Precter & Gambler, where they can almost predict different things with almost measurable accuracy. In fact, they are so good at it, that they don’t even need proceeds. To proceed, it is great for religious fanatics, but they may just buy Bitcoin these days as a default. Linda was a TV show in Hungary about a karateka girl. Leave your teenage crush’s name below in the comments. Subscribe to any channel, because I said so. Still I like me some Mike Hutchins for realz right now.

There is a cow shitting in the background right now. Fascinating.

Guys, like I said, if you don’t understand the following things about trading, I would argue that you don’t understand much.

Macdulio, how did you know that the bottom was in?

It is simple. Delete all the moving averages. Forget you ever met John Fibonacci.

What validated the trendlines, was the rate of change slowing down. The RSI2 readings showed a reversal divergence between the lower low/higher high and the intensity of the fuerza.

Most people don’t understand that a strong reversal divergence has at least 3 points of measure. The Zero point sets up the perimeter with a trip wire and a net. The Outlier trips on the wire, slashes a tear on the net and rolls a bit further. The Bushwick or beat is the last attempt on making some more progress but this time with dwarfed numbers and magnitude of fortitude. Small stabbing may continue, but the fight is already lost. In short the expectation is that price will fall short of the trendline at a minimum on closing basis.

This is why you need to know when and where to participate in a break out. A break of a Zero can yield an approximately 28-pip move (up to 45 during lower liquidity news event). The break of an Outlier would yield a handful of pips normally, don’t expect anything beyond 20 pips – so overall you are way better off scaling in in the opposite direction, even if you may need to wait a half a day for the turn around to start performing.

A two-point reversal divergence may set the price back temporarily, but remember, the Bushwick militia shall make another try to settle with a final score, just to confirm. Bushwick shall aztec from an RSI2>91 or RSI2<6 point.

I’ll see you in the next video, until then I’m going to make out with this good looking pine-tree.

Zero – Outlier distance – left: 19.3 pips; Outlier – Beat distance – left: 10.1 pips; Zero – Outlier distance – right: 10.8 pips; Outlier – Beat distance – right: 18.1 pips

///////////zero on the top
if (RSI2[i+1]>97.3 && RSI2[i]<82 && RSI2[i+5]<97.3){
                        ObjectCreate("Panaceadc"+DoubleToStr(i), OBJ_TEXT, 1, Time[i+1], 99); 
                      ObjectSetText("Panaceadc"+DoubleToStr(i), "0", 42, "Arial Black", clrOrange);
                      ObjectSet("Panaceadc"+DoubleToStr(i), OBJPROP_BACK,1); 
///////////M on the top
else if (RSI2[i+1]>91 && RSI2[i]<91 && RSI2[i+3]<91){
                        ObjectCreate("Panaceadc"+DoubleToStr(i), OBJ_TEXT, 1, Time[i+1], 99); 
                      ObjectSetText("Panaceadc"+DoubleToStr(i), "M", 42, "Impact", clrOrange);
                      ObjectSet("Panaceadc"+DoubleToStr(i), OBJPROP_BACK,1); 
   if (i>3 && (iHigh(symbol,0,iHighest(symbol,0,MODE_HIGH,2,i-1))+55*Point)>=iHigh(symbol,0,iHighest(symbol,0,MODE_HIGH,2,i-3)) && RSI2[i+1]>94 && iHigh(symbol,0,iHighest(symbol,0,MODE_HIGH,2,i-1))>=iHigh(symbol,0,iHighest(symbol,0,MODE_HIGH,22,i+4)) && RSI2[ArrayMaximum(RSI2,40,i+2)]>RSI2[i+1]){
                ObjectCreate("Panaceadd"+DoubleToStr(i), OBJ_TEXT, 0, Time[i+1], iHigh(symbol,0,iHighest(symbol,0,MODE_HIGH,4,i-1))+90*Point); 
                ObjectSetText("Panaceadc"+DoubleToStr(i), "M", 42, "Impact", clrPurple);
                      ObjectSetText("Panaceadd"+DoubleToStr(i), "Outlier", 22, "Impact", clrBlack);
                      ObjectSet("Panaceadd"+DoubleToStr(i), OBJPROP_BACK,1); 


///////////zero on the bottom
if (RSI2[i+1]<2.5 && RSI2[i]>3  && RSI2[i+3]>3){
                        ObjectCreate("Panaceadc"+DoubleToStr(i), OBJ_TEXT, 1, Time[i+1], 41); 
                      ObjectSetText("Panaceadc"+DoubleToStr(i), "0", 42, "Arial Black", clrOrange);
                      ObjectSet("Panaceadc"+DoubleToStr(i), OBJPROP_BACK,1); 

///////////D on the bottom
else if (RSI2[i+1]<6 && RSI2[i]>6  && RSI2[i+3]>6 && RSI2[i+4]<2.2 ){
                        ObjectCreate("Panaceadc"+DoubleToStr(i), OBJ_TEXT, 1, Time[i+1], 37); 
                      ObjectSetText("Panaceadc"+DoubleToStr(i), "D", 42, "Impact", clrOrange);
                      ObjectSet("Panaceadc"+DoubleToStr(i), OBJPROP_BACK,1); 

///////////M on the bottom
else if (RSI2[i+1]<6 && RSI2[i]>18  && RSI2[i+3]>6){
                        ObjectCreate("Panaceadc"+DoubleToStr(i), OBJ_TEXT, 1, Time[i+1], 37); 
                      ObjectSetText("Panaceadc"+DoubleToStr(i), "M", 42, "Impact", clrOrange);
                      ObjectSet("Panaceadc"+DoubleToStr(i), OBJPROP_BACK,1); 
                         if (i>3 && iLow(symbol,0,iLowest(symbol,0,MODE_LOW,2,i-1))<=iLow(symbol,0,iLowest(symbol,0,MODE_LOW,2,i-3)) && RSI2[i+1]<6 && RSI2[ArrayMinimum(RSI2,36,i+2)]<RSI2[i+1] )   {
                 ObjectSetText("Panaceadc"+DoubleToStr(i), "M", 42, "Impact", clrPurple);
                ObjectCreate("Panaceadd"+DoubleToStr(i), OBJ_TEXT, 0, Time[i+1], iLow(symbol,0,iLowest(symbol,0,MODE_LOW,4,i-1))-30*Point); 
                      ObjectSetText("Panaceadd"+DoubleToStr(i), "Outlier", 22, "Impact", clrBlack);
                      ObjectSet("Panaceadd"+DoubleToStr(i), OBJPROP_BACK,1); 

Let’s answer 2 more questions here.

Twist in my sobriety: the market movements are nothing but Orchestrated Manoeuvres in the Dark.

Local militia can always be raised, all you need is an M.D. to carry out the recruitment. Marker, Diverger and stabbing some more.

When is a zero considered broken? The answer is disappointing: I would not consider a zero to be broken within a fluctuation moratorium. 32 pips.

Always ask yourself the question first: what has changed? No closes under the trendline, nothing has. I borrowed the moratorium end signals from the Holy Graph.

Nick Rhodes is now smarter by a fluctuation moratorium.

Now, the story would be over if there was a happy end. There wasn’t. I did not understand the second Bushwick run for a while. Why was it successful in reaching the trendline again? I know the answer by now: embedding.

I had to give an apt name to this trendline to remind me on what it means.

The Bias is to be derived from the price’s relationship to the embedded overbought / oversold axis,
which represents a fade in the rate of change.
If price cannot reach and turns around, the direction is away from the axis.
If price is cozy touching the line, that means acceptance, embedding and gearing up for further damages in the direction of the axis.
If price crosses over and closes beyond the axis, hedge immediately into the end of the day.

I could had spared me a 9k+ drawdown today if only I managed to figure these things out two days prior.

Pepper grinder

Flights Out

You asked for this. Actually, you didn’t, but neither did I.

To keep the short story long, I had this 3-day trip to Wakefield one autumn. I went via Coppenhagen, it was quicker and easier from Malmö. A Hungarian comedian (deceased) said once that if the ferry ride was half an hour longer, they would not be able to tie out the boat. Of course, he was referring to the duty free alcohol system on the north. It is a duty and care free bottomless beverage-consumption 3.5 hours ride in either direction (same thing from Belgium, was on it at least 6 times).

…After I squeezed the remaining small bottles of Ballentines at the local McDonalds into my diet coke (I was handed the remaining stock by the flight attendant out of courtesy) I was picked up by Bjorn Lynne / Dr. Awersome / Divinorum to take me to the Team 17 (during Worms Resurrection, but before the release of the Alien Resurrection) office, we went on attending a Toto concert in Leeds together and purchasing everything he ever released and had stock of till that point. I also purchased all available the Douglas Adams books to read & translate – back then all I was living for was to build a legacy website. The univ server was called Nostromo, I swear (another side effect of the 70s). I opted out from staying at the hotel on the second night and with the money I saved I decided to buy some CDs (a media of music that used to exist) upon returning to Sweden.

The local music store had a listen in section: headsets with promoted CDs (Covid was nowhere back then). This was how I casually came across the Geto Boys Resurrection album. I was blown away by it, but the cherry on top was listening to the “I just wanna die” track. From 2 mins 45 seconds into the song this is the lyrics:

I put the pistol to my temple
See the bullet in the chamber
Cocked it back and out of anger
I pulled the crack, see the shells jump out the side
Now I’m fallin back, I’m seein faces but they’re all in black

Without the headset you would probably miss out on this most ingenious usage of a stereo rendering I have ever encountered. There are four sound effects in a sequence:

you hear a gun being cocked up on one side of your head – ” I put the pistol to my temple” – close enough to your ear

then a spin of a barrel chamber – ” See the bullet in the chamber ” – right between your two eyes (ears – same thing)

the gun fires off – “I pulled the crack

then you hear an empty shell dropping onto the stone floor – “see the shells jump out the side

This very last sound arrives from the other side of your ear, and although it does not make any sense that the empty shell has “traveled through” your brain, it is as close to as an all attention encompassing self inflicted skull shot as one can go through without actually dying. Simply genius, bravo!

I help you one last time, not that you deserve it.

M= Marker; D= Diverger; B=BushWick

///////////zero on the top
if (RSI2[i+1]>97.3 && RSI2[i]<82 && RSI2[i+3]<97.3){
                        ObjectCreate("Panacead"+DoubleToStr(i), OBJ_TEXT, 1, Time[i+1], 99); 
                      ObjectSetText("Panacead"+DoubleToStr(i), "0", 42, "Arial Black", clrOrange);
                      ObjectSet("Panacead"+DoubleToStr(i), OBJPROP_BACK,1); 
///////////M on the top
else if (RSI2[i+1]>96 && RSI2[i]<96 && RSI2[i+3]<96){
                        ObjectCreate("Panacead"+DoubleToStr(i), OBJ_TEXT, 1, Time[i+1], 99); 
                      ObjectSetText("Panacead"+DoubleToStr(i), "M", 42, "Impact", clrOrange);
                      ObjectSet("Panacead"+DoubleToStr(i), OBJPROP_BACK,1); 

///////////zero on the bottom
if (RSI2[i+1]<2.2 && RSI2[i]>2.2  && RSI2[i+3]>2.2){
                        ObjectCreate("Panacead"+DoubleToStr(i), OBJ_TEXT, 1, Time[i+1], 41); 
                      ObjectSetText("Panacead"+DoubleToStr(i), "0", 42, "Arial Black", clrOrange);
                      ObjectSet("Panacead"+DoubleToStr(i), OBJPROP_BACK,1); 

///////////D on the bottom
else if (RSI2[i+1]<6 && RSI2[i]>6  && RSI2[i+3]>6 && RSI2[i+4]<2.2 ){
                        ObjectCreate("Panacead"+DoubleToStr(i), OBJ_TEXT, 1, Time[i+1], 37); 
                      ObjectSetText("Panacead"+DoubleToStr(i), "D", 42, "Impact", clrOrange);
                      ObjectSet("Panacead"+DoubleToStr(i), OBJPROP_BACK,1); 

///////////M on the bottom
else if (RSI2[i+1]<6 && RSI2[i]>18  && RSI2[i+3]>6){
                        ObjectCreate("Panacead"+DoubleToStr(i), OBJ_TEXT, 1, Time[i+1], 37); 
                      ObjectSetText("Panacead"+DoubleToStr(i), "M", 42, "Impact", clrOrange);
                      ObjectSet("Panacead"+DoubleToStr(i), OBJPROP_BACK,1); 

Nothing Personal

I swear I’m not gonna mention here things like

Why I tried applying to be a Marine unsuccessfully twice.

What it was like to be detained in Minnesota.

What it was like to be detained by the DEA in Santa Rosa – went on my driver license as an entry – having my arms zip tied behind my back sitting on my own vehicle’s hood.

What it was like to be at an interrogation about an Interpol 10-most wanted person.

What it was like to lose my wedding ring on Waikiki Beach.

What it was like boom-netting on New Zealand next to the Marlboro private island. Or was it Pall Mall? How should O know, I don’t smoke.

Why do I have business card of an FBI agent somewhere at my house in the Philippines.

Why did my 3.5 years of work at Bloomberg end with a grievance.

The answer is simple: I always end up at the wrong place with the wrong face.

I’m just a next-door neighbor, working hard at trying to stay sober.

Found this too>

That’s me with the Z+ microphone in my hand sitting next to Steve Lukather behind the Desert Inn’s Crystal Room in Las Vegas.

Come to think of it, just call me John Nescafee.

Mount Rushmore
New Zealand
Key West
Mojave Desert
Hurghada, Egypt
Washington D.C.
somewhere by HWY 1
Lake Tahoe
Half Moon Bay
Sacramento River

A Year Without Margin Calls

This is a collection of data towards a video that may or may not be made. The video was going to be called The Good, the Bad and the Lovely, but I may leave it all as is: raw data, some content, some ideology, nothing too heavy. Imagine U96 for sound track.

The collection started with my blog entry called J.P. Outlier.

Withdrawal may result in losing capital for several months & a lot of headache trying to retrieve it – see my example on this.

21,560.77 / 252 = $85.55 per day.

I get charged $35.70 for swap on 8.5 lots long EurUsd, and 3x that on Wednesdays, which is really painful when I csn only average $85.50 per day.

The Daltons

aka the long in the tooth bunch.

The Daltons in trading are a counter, that can help you time & understand changes in peak buying / selling (insane in the membrane & too long in the blue-tooth).

You need to understand the metrics here. A typical all-out buying lasts around 2.5 hours in length which is 3 candles on the hourly.

With this counter you can now easily see why the magenta sequence on the downside ended on a DeMarkation number of 3 and the magenta sequence on the upside ended on Dalton #6 (black circles on the bottom).

The yellow circles present an opportunity to understand that a quick dip (or a lucky pick) for fresh air below the waterline (RSI2 magenta line) and the return can prolong the rally a bit longer (like an average zombie would). The green stick is the projected distance for the current move, as usual – 1.1902

///upmag start

if (RSI2[i+1]<96 && RSI2[i]>96) upmag_counter = 1;

//dnmag start

if (RSI2[i+1]>4 && RSI2[i]<4) dnmag_counter = 1;

///upmag stop

if (RSI2[i]<82) upmag_counter = 0;

//dnmag stop

if (RSI2[i]>28) dnmag_counter = 0;

///upper magenta counter
     if (upmag_counter>0){
        ObjectCreate("Dalton"+DoubleToStr(i), OBJ_TEXT, indicator_window, Time[i], 3); 
        ObjectSetText("Dalton"+DoubleToStr(i), IntegerToString(upmag_counter,0), 12, "Impact", DimGray);  
        if (upmag_counter==3) ObjectSetText("Dalton"+DoubleToStr(i), IntegerToString(upmag_counter,0), 12, "Impact", White);  
        if (upmag_counter>5) ObjectSetText("Dalton"+DoubleToStr(i), IntegerToString(upmag_counter,0), 12, "Impact", Yellow);  

///lower magenta counter
     if (dnmag_counter>0){
        ObjectCreate("Dalton"+DoubleToStr(i), OBJ_TEXT, indicator_window, Time[i], 15); 
        ObjectSetText("Dalton"+DoubleToStr(i), IntegerToString(dnmag_counter,0), 12, "Impact", DimGray);  
        if (dnmag_counter==3) ObjectSetText("Dalton"+DoubleToStr(i), IntegerToString(dnmag_counter,0), 12, "Impact", White);  
        if (dnmag_counter>5) ObjectSetText("Dalton"+DoubleToStr(i), IntegerToString(dnmag_counter,0), 12, "Impact", Yellow);  

Other: it was just another day

Tell me that the market bottoming could not be seen from a mile away with my Chipotle assortment on display?!

I also changed the percentage calculation, now there may be a case when you get suggested to be 120% long or short, even if you are not a basketball player.

message = "Look for a reason to be ";

int percentage;
if (Close[0]>c0[0]) percentage = 60;
else percentage = -60;

if (Close[0]>iMA(symbol,1440,44,0,MODE_SMA,PRICE_MEDIAN,0)) percentage = percentage+20;
else percentage = percentage -20;

if (Close[0]>iBands(symbol,1440,44,0.8,0,PRICE_MEDIAN,MODE_UPPER,0)) percentage = percentage+20;
else percentage = percentage -20;

if (Close[0]>iBands(symbol,1440,44,0.8,0,PRICE_MEDIAN,MODE_LOWER,0)) percentage = percentage +20;
else percentage = percentage -20;

if (percentage>0) message=message+IntegerToString(percentage,2)+"% long";
else if (percentage<0) message=message+IntegerToString(MathAbs(percentage),2)+"% short";

A Daltonok – in Hungarian.

Yes, I caught that shirt in the air – Oakland Warriors.
Just another FOMC day.
energy levels & Nick Rhodes doing a number on the BTC chart

Magenta Hot Chili Peppers

The thing about inventing new indicators is that you don’t immediately know what they could be best used for.

To finally give an answer to my Do Not F up the bias entry,

I now invent a weighted size system, that believes 60% to the moat hotstepper and 40% to the 44 SMA (which is the borrowed mean discussed in my Keltinger Moat entry).

The hotstepper is the previous moat median printed 7 samples earlier.


Not sure why I made this choice, but given that the CI calculations were made with 14 sample, I guess I needed a number seven somewhere. The bottom line is that it is very very useful.

message = "Look for a reason to be ";
if (Close[0]<c0[0] && Close[0]<iMA(symbol,1440,44,0,MODE_SMA,PRICE_MEDIAN,0)) message=message+"100% short";
else if (Close[0]<c0[0] && Close[0]>iMA(symbol,1440,44,0,MODE_SMA,PRICE_MEDIAN,0)) message=message+"60% short";
else if (Close[0]>c0[0] && Close[0]<iMA(symbol,1440,44,0,MODE_SMA,PRICE_MEDIAN,0)) message=message+"40% short";
if (Close[0]>c0[0] && Close[0]>iMA(symbol,1440,44,0,MODE_SMA,PRICE_MEDIAN,0)) message=message+"100% long";
else if (Close[0]>c0[0] && Close[0]<iMA(symbol,1440,44,0,MODE_SMA,PRICE_MEDIAN,0)) message=message+"60% long";
else if (Close[0]<c0[0] && Close[0]>iMA(symbol,1440,44,0,MODE_SMA,PRICE_MEDIAN,0)) message=message+"40% long";

Now, it is also important to understand that the sizing does not mean going long and short at market to the extent of the percentage, but rather making trades after recognizing promising divergences and parabolic endings.

Introducing the Magenta Hot Chili Pepper

To be Frank (Drebin) I wanted to go with the icon of a Gun or a at least a Rooster as a reminder,

“They would respect the cock, whether or not they believed in it” (from Trying to Find a Balance – see last blog entry), but it seems that the makers of the Webdings and Wingdings font were living under the bridge.

Nick Rhodes now smarter with some brand new invisible hotsteppers.

What is that pepper on the bottom left? That’s a mistake, I’m a developer, get used to it. I have to change the filter from i to i+1;

The magenta color is also supposed to be a reminder of the receiving end / exit condition, which mostly would include a magenta print and or a muted rate of change divergence.

What did I mean to say with this entry? That I have found my way into the future with combining my divergence finder with the Energy Bands and the Bollinger base.

There is also a great deal of satisfaction out of being able to resist posting some Red Hot Chili Peppers songs here. It would be simply too easy.

Help Yourself…

…to Guns & Ammo.

A deep dive into the world of divergences.

On the first day of the rest of your life, you identify

  • the Guns condition as RSI2<2 or RSI2>98
  • the Ammo as a reversal divergence – higher high with a lower RSI2 reading or a lower low with a higher RSI2 reading
  • the Net as an unidentified amount of pips beyond the divergence, but not greater than 18 pips

& you can start banging out the divergences and other turning machines.

Divergence examples:

///// upper magenta divergence
    if (score[i+1]<score[iHighest(symbol,0,MODE_HIGH,12,i+6)] && score[ArrayMaximum(score,12,i+6)]>2 && High[i+1]>iHigh(symbol,0,iHighest(symbol,0,MODE_HIGH,12,i+6))
    && score[ArrayMaximum(score,12,i+6)]>score[ArrayMaximum(score,12,i+6)+1]
    && score[ArrayMinimum(score,12,i+6)]>-3

///lower guns + ammo divergence  
 if (score[i+1]>-1 && score[i+1]>score[iLowest(symbol,0,MODE_LOW,12,i+6)] && score[ArrayMaximum(score,12,i+6)]<98 && Low[i+1]<iLow(symbol,0,iLowest(symbol,0,MODE_LOW,12,i+6))
    && score[ArrayMinimum(score,12,i+6)]<score[ArrayMinimum(score,12,i+6)+1]
    && score[ArrayMaximum(score,20,i+8)]<3

Now, ask yourself the question, how can a Gun without Ammo be a weapon? With a Bayonet, you silly!

Regardless, the quick change act is detectable on the upside as a sequence of





Visually a dark Green and a Magenta back to back, or on my score system 2-3-0.

This condition received a plot both beneath and above, I’m talking about the Vertigenta label (Vertical Magenta) and the red, Vienna Calling icon. Yes, Falco used to be the coolest thing on the planet

but Madis is the current favorite, as far as the internet goes.

Back to the subject, hier it is:

      if (score[i]==0 && score[i+1]==3 && score[i+2]==2  
      // && loC[i+1]<0 && score[ArrayMinimum(score,16,i)]>-4
      ObjectCreate("Panaceat"+DoubleToStr(i), OBJ_TEXT, indicator_window, Time[i+1], 10.4); 
                ObjectSetText("Panaceat"+DoubleToStr(i), "VERTIGENTA", 12, "Impact", clrPurple);
                ObjectSet("Panaceat"+DoubleToStr(i), OBJPROP_BACK,1); 
      ObjectCreate("Panaceaty"+DoubleToStr(i), OBJ_TEXT, 0, Time[i+1], High[i+1]+70*Point); 
                ObjectSetText("Panaceaty"+DoubleToStr(i), CharToStr(41), 52, "Wingdings", clrCrimson);
                ObjectSet("Panaceaty"+DoubleToStr(i), OBJPROP_BACK,1); 

There are tremendous implications to be had, such as: there is no reversal back down without a Vertigenta or a Guns + Ammo print. A divergence is only broken 20+ pips out. Think about these things, deeply.

Now I’m too fucked up to dance
So I’ma sit with my hand down the front of my pants

N. Rhodes

MR. N is part of the Santa Claus Nicholaus family.

It is a sequel to Nicholas Gauge in Technicolor.

A sophisticated RSI divergence tool that can help you better understand what is happening, why and where.

N. Rhodes is in the 3rd inficator window. It also plots Divergence Up/Down onto the chart as well as makes buy/sell suggestions 1 or 2 lines out. It is responcible for the levels plotted as well as for the sorted list with the likely culprits highlighted based on the 3Day average true range measured from the last consolidation imprint, the magenta strokes, the beat triangles – a lot of things.

The letter “h” is a patent of Peter Reznicek.

N. Rhodes can explain why is it not possible tempoarily break out of an h pattern lower.

The context of an h is an RSI divergence folded back on itself, which simply cannot give in this manner, and thus it would stop the progression.

When a divergence prints, it would arrive with a safety cushion beyond (bed, bath). In general 1/2 fluctuation size would be the right consideration or 16 pips on Eur/Usd hourly.

Lack of Magenta (98+ reading) above the white belt during the hump of the h

Once a divergence is set, breaking it only stands a chance with the right kind of fuel. Prosperous phosporous (magenta) is necessary for an up to speed piro tech. This is where the letter of the day, h falls short. It stages a doomed, despeate desperado run on the folded pizza slice. “Snap, I’ve got no power.”

Yea, I know, this article is getting kind of hectic – life is but a shoot-em-up game.