Catcher in the Knife

Before we start, let’s commemorate the fact that the Holy Graph is now equipped to plot Channeling Epicentres. 3 images to start salivating.

A remark about Trader Tom here: he is a poker player that bluffs a lot. He plays every move like it was a channeling one, although he does not know what that means, because he does not acknowledge indicators (besides the few he mentions).
if (i>6 && High[i]>Close[i+1]+20*Point && High[i-6]<E16[i-6]-50*Point && High[i-5]<E16[i-5]-50*Point && High[i-4]<E16[i-4]-50*Point && High[i-3]<E16[i-3]-80*Point && High[i-2]<E16[i-2]-80*Point && High[i-1]<E16[i-1]-80*Point && High[i]<E16[i]-80*Point
   && Close[i+6]>E16[i+6]-250*Point && Close[i+7]>E16[i+7]-250*Point && Close[i+8]>E16[i+8]-250*Point && Close[i+9]>E16[i+9]-250*Point && Close[i+10]>E16[i+10]-180*Point && Close[i+11]>E16[i+11]-100*Point 
   && Close[i+12]>E16[i+12] && Close[i+13]>E16[i+13]-100*Point && Close[i+14]>E16[i+14]-100*Point 

This was important to note because Channeling is the key to sustainable buying / selling. Once it kicks in, it is quite hard to stop it. It does feel like catching a falling knife at times. This gave me an idea. What if you, Mr. Anderson could bend over backwards and grab the sharps inside the cloud of slugs?!

All we are saying – figlia mia – that we are all catchers of the knife in the rye in the wind.* Just juggling with you!

A Neo idea is utilizing my R.O.C. as a filter


C stands for strange? That’s strange. (Screwed with this poet that lives inside my head.)

Most of the indicator of course only exists in theory, somewhere in my cloudy meatball brain. I just could not contain my excitement.

The Primary sell was faced with a newly printed Tough Cookie level. The next one up is around 1.2050 until another one gets printed in between. The ABC printed on the Aiken Hasi was right on cue this time.

The NeoPolitan moment on the above chart was the gray cloud with the slugs. That’s where the knife had no edge against this expression:

if (Low[i]<E16[i]-280*Point && Low[i]>E16[i]-310*Point && E16[i]<=iMA(symbol,60,207,0,MODE_EMA, PRICE_LOW,i)-FMax*14*Point && ExtMapBuffer2[i]==EMPTY_VALUE &&  roc[ArrayMinimum(roc,3,i)]>roc[ArrayMinimum(roc,17,i+4)]   && iLow(symbol,0,iLowest(symbol,0,MODE_LOW,4,i))<iLow(symbol,0,iLowest(symbol,0,MODE_LOW,17,i+4))) E16D[i]=E16[i]-300*Point;

So, what do you do if you find a knife suspended in mid air? Do what you normally would: put it back inside the Green River. Killer! (Or at least that’s what somebody told me).

By the way, this immediately explains the origination of the expression “fallen out of bed” – of course they mean the River Bed. (…of Roses – Violins are Green).

Research material:

  • * Boycotting Elton at this point. He’s too successful for his own good. May opt to put up some Gombay Dance Band (first foreign band that I ever attended a concert of).

Soap Hodler

Let’s set the stage. The LemonChiffon boxes are soaps. Or pats of butter. Same thing. Lubing is the important part.

Your name is Ben Dover. Don’t like where this is headed? Let’s settle at Fred. You are Fred Pitt.

No jokes about the Yangzte. We are all different adults here. It has no directional value yet.
///Butter Upside
if (i>0 && RSI2[i+2]<93 && RSI2[i+1]>93 && RSI2[i]>93 && RSI2[i-1]<=RSI2[i]+3){
      ObjectCreate("Zomato"+i, OBJ_RECTANGLE, indicator_window,  Time[i+2], RSI2[i+1]+10, Time[i], RSI2[i+1]-10);

///Butter Downside
if (i>0 && RSI2[i+2]>9 && RSI2[i+1]<7 && RSI2[i]<7 && RSI2[i-1]>=RSI2[i]-5){
      ObjectCreate("Zomato"+i, OBJ_RECTANGLE, indicator_window,  Time[i+2], RSI2[i+1]+10, Time[i], RSI2[i+1]-10);

Now, let’s introduce the idea that after a soap bar in the air or on the floor the same are would be re-approached within the limits of pondering, then we would take that as a sign of wanting further intimate engagement.

Good. Now we have the opportunity to call sells and buys based on the directional logic.

When you get a pat of soap on the same sex side, that is a cancel all wrong minded efforts, i.e.: cover the short ones with a towel.

////Cover Shorts in full & in half
if (dir[i]>0 && sdn[i+1] && iLow(symbol,0,iLowest(symbol,0,MODE_LOW,2,i))==iLow(symbol,0,iLowest(symbol,0,MODE_LOW,12,i+2)) ){
         ObjectCreate("ZomatoObotx"+DoubleToStr(i), OBJ_TEXT, 0, Time[i], iLow(symbol,0,iLowest(symbol,0,MODE_LOW,2,i))-30*Point); 
        ObjectSetText("ZomatoObotx"+DoubleToStr(i), "Cover Short", 14, "Impact",  Navy);
else if (dir[i]>0  && i>0 && Low[i-1]>Low[i] && sdn[i+1]){
         ObjectCreate("ZomatoObotx"+DoubleToStr(i), OBJ_TEXT, 0, Time[i], iLow(symbol,0,iLowest(symbol,0,MODE_LOW,2,i))-30*Point); 
        ObjectSetText("ZomatoObotx"+DoubleToStr(i), "Cover 1/2 Short", 14, "Impact",  Navy);

Now, let’s introduce the idea of safe to go long:

///Go Long In Green
if (i>0 && dir[i]>0 && !sdn[i] && RSI2[i]<RSI2[i+1] && RSI2[i]<RSI2[i-1] && RSI2[i]<52 && iLow(symbol,0,iLowest(symbol,0,MODE_LOW,2,i-1))<iLow(symbol,0,iLowest(symbol,0,MODE_LOW,12,i+1))){
      ObjectCreate("ZomatoMangusta"+i, OBJ_TEXT, 0, Time[i], iLow(symbol,0,iLowest(symbol,0,MODE_LOW,2,i))-30*Point); 
    ObjectSetText("ZomatoMangusta"+i, CharToStr(241), 32, "Wingdings", Green);  

Et voila, you’ve got yourself a Soap Hodler Trading System & this is how you can avoid Bill Pershing making 2.6 billion dollars on a single trade then taking your marrying your girlfriend.

No, I don’t have any comments on Janet Yellen taking in $7 mil in fees in 2 weeks for giving speeches to major banks about how representing their best interest is not obvious corruption.

Fred Pitt as he was the one without vanity – with the only toalette of a soap bar.

The Green River and E-89.

Hammer time.

Channel (Coco)

Investigations into the channeling mode

  • When and how does channeling occur?
  • What are the common kick-off traits of a channeling move?
  • How does channeling end?

The near past has downside examples, so that’s what I’m going to present you with.

My definition of channeling goes like this: sustainable selling / buying brought on by not letting price come back to the E-16.

In practice this means that every time there is a scare on the E-16, someone steps up and shovels in just enough coal to keep the steam-roller going, never too much, for that could end the party.

The following 3 down moves had one thing in common: at the start they all applied some pressure on the E-16 upper displacement, then printed a W which is a call for a higher high, then they attacked the lower displacement. Falling just shy of it is a good start. The channeling moves tend to have their upper line just shy of 10 pips from the E-16 HL2 and the other end somewhere from 39 to 58 pips away depending on the current volatility.

Only the last one had the conditions right.

The following example from earlier shows the decisive push towards the displacement and the two shovels on cue to keep the trajectory.

This channeling move happened with larger volatility, the 45-pips displacement kept on getting exceeded.

(The two pink lines are the raining best trade in existence being dethroned by the current W to channel idea.)

So how does a channeling move end?

With a Faith Healer or
A rounding bottom with 3 sets of stochastic bars blocks

You get to fill in the blanks for this last, low volatility example.

3 Blocks? Nope. Faith Healer? Nope.

This is how channeling looks like on WandaVision:

Channeling mode confirmation plots

Busted! feature added on the upside. This is after 9 blue stochastic bars prints. The upside would be limited around 16 pips in excess of the swing just printed.

As it turns out, there is a 3rd way Channeling can end: price crashing into the forest without any stochastic bars to put the blame on when price is at more than 2.5x Fluctuation Maximum away from the mean.

Green line: start of the tree line.

You Heard it Here

All trading starts and ends with volatility.

There are only 3 4 things that would make the market change direction.

  1. Stretch failure aka Send Function. The market can fail 28+, 38+ or 48+ pips away from E-32.

2. Sequence failure aka stochastic bars arrhythmia aka Faith Healer / Healer Jr.. The market can fail due to a missing beat, evey time. A fluctuation-size moratorium field is to be granted for a completion of the turn.

3. Market maker intervention aka Maroon fake out. This is how a Wave 2 is kept to a size by MMs whacking back price beyond the E-67 band.

4. The Green River can capture price volatility like a black hole, so turns can take place around it*

The picture shows a Maroon Fake Out changing the market direction down on the Holy Graph, then the ideal short exits with the two smaller red cubes while the Send function flips the market back up. From then on the large green box with the medium red are accumulation zones.

The first obstacle was the accurately calculated R1. This was an overheat, and the market dropped quite a bit, yet the direction is still up.

What do you think, would the MMs make this into a Wave 2?

You can ALWAYS turn to the RSI2 Basic for direction confirmation with its purple liquidity break highlights = wrong direction as well as to its W prints for timing exits: you should see a higher high. Oh, and the Crack Ho is above 50.

The Grand Exits near the overdrive lines do not turn the market direction around by themselves.

A gap by itself does not make the market change direction.

Anticipation (of a market direction-turn) is the Bob da Groot of all evil premature actions.

Taking someone’s future wife to work is bride sharing.

Every time

Of course it does not hurt to check the S1 going into the day on the Comfort Levels.

What do you see? An M-A or a 1-2-3-4-5 – A-B-C?


*now included in the H.G.

Handbuch Für The Zone

so I have this image on my shelf that explains a lot of things

but to be more graphic, I decided to ditch the numbers for pictograms, like so:

this was to have less numbers on the screen and more action

the music is played by the Holy Graph for the preferred side, as usual

& the pictures mean to say instead of one-two-three, one-two-three:


#1 – Prize match. Pay attention if that’s the pteferred color, your two and a half hour selling/ buying may present you with a prize worth playing for.


#3 – I wanna swing (from the chandellier) aka Natalie’s portal.

When Golf’s up, at the top of the hour it is time to swing with the ball, right then and there.

Once you have the timing right, the only thing left to ask is:

  • – And you, what would you do for profits?

Choose your size accordingly.

Apologies for not being able to communicate things as a normal human being, this is my coping mechanism for the unbearable lightness of living.

3D Gonzalez:

Push it highlights the primary and secondary waves helping you to concentrate on the furthest closes for an exit.

The Holy Graph II

– Notes before I forget

there are two kinds of turns:

away from the E-16and at the E-16
the color cubes were for the prior case – now there are medium cubes for the latter

you can find optimal entries like this:
system says sell, E-16 says buy: best area to accumulate short
system says buy, E-16 says sell: best area to accumulate long
yellow just means standby, a switch off may be in progress

the smallest cubes keep track of price having gone beyond the E-32 by 38 pips

if you have 3 red cubes, all sizes, that’s an overheated short condition, and if the market is not trending, or it is close to stop trending, it may be a great short exit

Aiken Hasi

Was inspired by Bravi Jono on YouTube.

(indicators for the masses series)

What can you say about when an ABC correction ends? You are going to get an impulsive leg in the opposite direction of the B->C vector.

A prequel to an indicator, free version.

Morbid stovhastics for starters. Plots As and Bs. May need to adjust the indicator_window parameter for them to appear.

//|                                                   Aiken Hasi.mq4 |
//|                                         Copyright 2021, Macdulio |
#property copyright   "2021, Macdulio"
#property link        ""
#property description "Aiken Hasi"
#property strict

#property indicator_separate_window
#property indicator_minimum    0
#property indicator_maximum    100
#property indicator_buffers    3
#property indicator_color1     Purple
#property indicator_level1     10.0
#property indicator_level2     90.0
#property indicator_level3     35.0
#property indicator_level4     65.0
#property indicator_level5     30.0
#property indicator_level6     70.0
#property indicator_levelcolor clrBlack
#property indicator_levelstyle STYLE_DASH
extern int indicator_window = 2;

double stoch[], stoch60[], stochmix[];
//| Custom indicator initialization function                         |
int OnInit(void)

//--- 2 additional buffers are used for counting.
//--- indicator lines
   SetIndexBuffer(0, stochmix);

//| Stochastic oscillator                                            |
int start()
   int    i;
   string symbol = Symbol();
     ArrayResize(stochmix, Bars);   
 ArrayInitialize(stochmix, EMPTY_VALUE); 
  ArrayResize(stoch, Bars);   
 ArrayInitialize(stoch, EMPTY_VALUE); 
   ArrayResize(stoch60, Bars);   
 ArrayInitialize(stoch60,  EMPTY_VALUE);  


   for(i=Bars-62; i>=0; i--){

   if (MathAbs(stoch[i]-50)>MathAbs(stoch60[i]-50)) stochmix[i]=(stoch[i]+stoch[i]+stoch[i]+stoch60[i])/4;
   else  stochmix[i]=(stoch[i]+stoch60[i]+stoch60[i]+stoch60[i])/4;
   if (stochmix[i]>100) stochmix[i]=100; 
   if (stochmix[i+1]>64 && stochmix[i+1]<84 && stochmix[i]<stochmix[i+1] && stochmix[i+2]<stochmix[i+1] && stochmix[ArrayMaximum(stochmix,24,i+6)]>stochmix[ArrayMaximum(stochmix,5,i)] 
      && stochmix[ArrayMinimum(stochmix,8,i)]<60  
      && stochmix[ArrayMinimum(stochmix,6,i)]>34
       ObjectCreate("Peak"+i,OBJ_TEXT, indicator_window, Time[iHighest(symbol,0,MODE_HIGH,6,i)], stochmix[i+1]+20);
            ObjectSetText("Peak"+i, "B", 19, "Arial Black", clrBlack);  
       ObjectCreate("Troff"+i,OBJ_TEXT, indicator_window, Time[iLowest(symbol,0,MODE_LOW,16,i)], stochmix[ArrayMinimum(stochmix,6,i)]-10);
            ObjectSetText("Troff"+i, "A", 19, "Arial Black", clrBlack);       


void deletetxt1(string what){
   for(int iObj=ObjectsTotal()-1; iObj >= 0; iObj--){
      string   on = ObjectName(iObj);
      if(StringFind(on, what) == 0)  ObjectDelete(on);
}  }

In short, an ABC correction would give you an idea about in which direction the market is not going to be headed next, meaning: you can just load up on that C leg for a reversal.

coming to a theatre near you:

Starring Lopifer Jenez, Saylor Twift, Kimmy Jimmel, Grandiana Are, July Rudiani, Kula Minis, Anifer Jeniston and Fred Bitt.

Push It

Finger practice for the weekend.

  1. Find and mark up all primary pushes both to the upside and the downside, mark up the first of the secondary pushes and plot reminders for secondary push failures
  2. Draw your conclusions
  3. Do not say things like “science and vague do not fit in the same sentence” referring to Elliott Wave and Harmonics etc, for you would end up losing your remaining audience.
  1. See above
  2. Secondary Push Failure means the new high / low falling short, the 3-push sequence may not continue. After a sequence of 3, the ball is up in the air for a reversal.
  3. I’ll consider your advice.

The development…

lending new meaning to “the market is crashing” – all it means is expanding volatility

A crash often imposes a challenge to add to the move in that direction: it sets up the secondary push to fail. If it does not, it should be noted.

The Zone

The Zone is a day trading tool, that starts out with the idea of making low risk, 3:1, 6:1, 9:1 trades.

What is different about it is that it is looking for trades where all moves come from, where most traders would damn any trades, calling it a kill zone etc. As it turns out it is not risky at all, and most of your entries would be less than 10 pips away from the swing point.

Here are some of the ideas I managed to round out the efficiency of trading in The Zone:

  • the zone itself gets shifted up and down based on 2 closes above or below the E-16
  • the 3 count starts with swing point and goes up to 8
  • I mark up the closes in a certain vicinity (check marks)
  • a number 3 count is the eye of the beholder, the check mark calls extra attention, but there is no official entry until the settlement / top of the hour
  • the tomato / chartreuse boxes marked up 12 pips wide from the close of the colored check mark
  • these boxes serve to define risk as well as add an extra confirmation to the trade based on current logic
  • a stop loss a few pips beyond could be applied, but I would not suggest to apply these immediately, for there are 4, 6 pips fake outs on the chart
  • T1 is 30 pips away, T2 is 60, and T3 would be at 90 – although it is not marked up yet

The lines:

  • I look up the last 5 gray check marks and take the last one from an individual box (5 candles)
  • the last two lines are thicker
  • they all change color based on current price being above/ below (meaning your ideal short entry) would occur with at least one line, the last one being not in your favor
It was a bona fide entry at the end of the day by all logic, but I did not take any shorts for the weekend, and finished with 3.25 lots more longs than shorts. I fear of interventions here.

As for risk management ideas:

  • apply a trail stop after 4-5 hours having been in the trade – my trail stop would lock in 1.5 pips after 4 in gains and 3 pips after 8 in gains and then start trailing 32 pips behind
  • to avoid exits falling shy from the 30 target (@ 27, 28 pips) monitor price and close out at market / pull the stop loss to 25 / just aim for 27 to be on the safe side (3 pips shy)
  • if you want to go for 60, 90 pips, take 1/3, 1/4 at the mentioned check points

Personal stuff

It was my best week so far this year beating the 1st week of February which had closed out profits of $1,199

1st week of March

The development can’t stop, won’t stop

Reversal values included