Not every fractal matters.


Not every A-sync Fractal would resist, only those following a Sync fractal closely.


Async points should not be violated. The weight of the 30 minute candle is where you may be able to get in.


A tie off is when price leaving a swing point in a hurry (1H+ drop/rise).


To maximize your potential, you must travel. These indications help you finding the turns.

The priority flips when they manage to push the price over the Green River by more than 40 pips (Guard Rail – Chartreuse thick) with opposing configuration (Mr. Maroon on the other side.)


I am a traveller.
My harbors are the Sync-Async sequences not exceeding 10(U)/12(D) candles in between them.

I am looking for
– a short entry above the E16
– a long entry below the E16