Evaluation of the Sophistication

Automated trading comes with filters. I can show you a couple with today’s 3 trades.


I know, these are 2 trades. There was a 3rd one that did not happen. One by one then.


  1. The first trade, that says “cancelled” – it was opened by the 91 Sharpie routine, as a Buy Limit order. I set an expiration of 10 hours for the buy order (check the open and the close time stamps!): price had to attack that line in order for me wanting to be a buyer. It didn’t. It consolidated too long; this was a defense mechanism that protected the trade.
  2.  The second trade would had appeared at 1.1738 – but it did not. Why? Because of the following filter I added yesterday: buylevel<iHigh(Symbol(),0,iHighest(Symbol(),30,MODE_HIGH,10,0))-FMax*10*Point what does this do? It verifies that the 10 sample 30-minute high is minimum Fluctuation Maximum away. It wasn’t. 36 pips is less than 38. Why this protection? You can get an idea if price has traveled enough to be able to buy. And you are holding off on the measurement till the last minute by not posting a limit order, but by buying at market if the conditions were met.
  3. The 1.1729 trade was merely 3 pips away from the actual low. I’m going to increase the size of this one, but it was by all means the right trade. Its target was 1.17673 – which did not happen. What should had happened was a stop out by my intelligent trail stop 12 pips below at 1.1745, clocking in a gain of 16 pips.

I could not resist cutting the trade again.

What was I thinking? That the Green River is nearby, and it would dip lower and my Green River buyer routine should open a buy. It did not dip any more. Overthinking is futile. As soon as the trade was 8 pips positive, the auto trail stop would had turned it into a free trade by putting the stop loss one pip above the open.

I am the weakest link in the system, that is not only self sustaining but emotionless and much more efficient in every single way. Of course, I am still in this somehow. I figured out what needed to be done, I picked the filters, and none of the system would exist without me. I am the Alpha, and my system is the Omega.

…maybe I would make one change after all to the stop loss…


I should… perhaps… put back the trail stop value to 1/2 the Fluctuation Size.