Last Minute Ideas – An Auto-Trading Article

It’s no secret that I am developing my auto trading routines for one pair only, the EUR/USD.

Low spread (0.22 pips average ) helps, and so does liquidity: it is being kept to predictability by the large number of traders trading it. Just like the S&P, that is always quoted as a “Benchmark”.

I have come to know some of its characteristics, and I am pretty certain of its Fluctuation Size.

God Awesome is now at V1.4, and the release is getting a delay.

I just implemented the “LEMA continuation trade plot” – both for longs and shorts, extended the Buy/Sell strokes out to their expiration size and included a new trade as well.

The Sharpie Quick Trade has the same trigger as the Sharpie Trade Initiator, but while the latter one is posting limit orders betting on a counter move to spring about from 1/3 Fluctuation Size out, the Quick Trade is betting on a hurl in the current direction, to the extent of 1/4 Fluctuation Size. Yes, we’re talking 8 pips, just where the auto trail stop would put out the 1-pip protective stop loss from the open.

While tying off loose ends, one thing I noticed was an amateur mistake I made. Somehow, when I switched away from at market opening, I ended up with the wrong opening price:

open_price = NormalizeDouble(iClose(symbol,30,0)-FSize/2*10*Point, Digits);

the 0 in bold basically guarantee the trade being pushed out as long as the trade opening condition persists. As you can see below, sharpie 91 had its buy level crossed, yet there was no fill, because of the bad calculation. Copy and paste can close problems at times.

The 0, that was supposed to be 1, pushed the limit order to 1.15725 instead of 1.1579 and so it never got filled. Close[0] is simply the current price.


The second mistake I had to address today, was about the Sharpie Quick trade, that has the “X” plot boxes – showing the trigger level and 0-2 candles out you would see their minimum target.

The current trade, that is about to be stopped out, was opened too late. As a response, I had to decrease the expiration value from 9000 seconds – which was 5 candles out to 3 candles away:

int ClosePendingInSeconds = 5400;


And yes, on the above snapshot you can see the PSAR trader waiting for the ball with an overwhelming volume size. It is a projected 4H PSAR reading that becomes active upon long time no see. 1.1624 – is the rounded short value.

The Reversion To Mean plot is not very encouraging to shorts, and the so the BRGR EA routine (Break/Return Green River) should have opened a long at the strike out, at market, and it didn’t. Another screen plot / EA syncing error I need to look into.

Welcome to a normal day in automated trading.

P.S.: the broker this account is with isn’t listed by Forex Factory, so I sent them a mail.


PSAR Trader’s order expired, Breakout buyer is lining up for a possible go.


As for BRGR – it seems like I included a filter – due some back testing presumably –


that is either unnecessary, or does not have the distance right; it certainly prevented a long open that would be making money already, so I commented it out.