My First 25%+ Gainer Auto-Trading Day

Well, would had been if I did not touch the phone all day.

Here is how it shaped up after all:


Yeah, this is only 15.65%, I am fully aware.


I cancelled 4 trades.

The orange, buy limit would had been cropped at 2.5% gains potentially, if I did not touch it.

The next yellow box, the 96 EL potentially would had made it to 7% gains, for it is a high privilege trade, just like the first trade of the day was with “93” magic number (my weight breaker routine).

The other two yellow – at least one of those should had made it to the 2.5% crop.

I left 12% on the table due to having a cell phone at my disposal and too much time to interfere unnecessarily.

There were no trades opened manually, and none of the stop losses were danger of being hit.