Winning the Lottery Every Day

Imagine remembering that the first Forest touch prompts a Forest to E-16 trade, and knowing exactly where the forest is.

Imagine knowing on the 27th of November, what level to cover the shorts at and go long on the 28th of November.

Imagine having an understanding of the inevitable trade, knowing that the “S” print shall not be exceeded on the downside, and a mean reversion was triggered. No matter what the market does between now and two days from now, the price would have reached the 1st target and is possibly going to exceed the second target as well by a smidge.

Imagine knowing and remembering how to count to three. And not forgetting to load up the wagon around the “Sync” low.

Imagine having the whole thing play out an hour later.

You no longer need to imagine being light years ahead of everyone else out there.

This is doable. This is my reality.

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