Driven Thrusts and Lackluster Busts

Knee deep in Hybrid trading I need to define the human role in a binary way.

I have been thinking about what the Human indicators would look like.

My current conclusion of the supplementary human trading is that it should be an “investment” in the right direction.

To figure the turning as a progress is more crucial than ever.

The market can turn both on a high/low note and on no participation – hence the title, and the first examples are here to look at.

Lackluster Busts

On the image above there is a pink projection box, where the thrust should had landed in the next 10 samples or 5 hours. There was a thrust later that made it to the further level, but with significant delay. All the circled swing strength measurements fell in the moderate, 1x readings. The market ended up bowing back down.

Driven Thrusts

I have got 2x 2 examples for you. I call the market “Driven” upon printing 3 consecutive embedded RSI2 max / min readings. 

Once the condition subsides, the thrust becomes due. There may be multiple ones of course, but they should arrive in the next 5 hours if the interest is still on.

T=Thrust, D=Driven, DD=Double Drive

The double drive factors in the Stochastic Bars Mixed Peak readings to calculate for an extra oomph.

The last one has its box started and the time is ticking for a re-test of the low. 4 hours to go.

(These Plots minus the “T” prints are part of the 88 Luftballons indicator of mine.)