Wishing on EVO6

First, yesterdays news.

Yesterday (The first unofficial forward testing day) the EA opened a short at 1.13132 at 1:58 AM server time. I closed it out manually at 6%, but if I did not, it would not have touched it at least till 1.1232, and with the opened size and the 81 pips it would had meant 45% gains for a day. Not bad from an auto trading routine. The best robot I have seen advertised on LinkedIn (on a real account) made 100% in 10 months.
Just to compare.

Little quotes here and there from the song at the end of the page.

One spark among the embers…

What is wrong with the following back test?

There is an interesting profit factor number coming up on the following image…

Is the problem that it only made 3,034% gains in 2 months?

That’s right, but why?

One voice against surrender

Why could it not open any more trades, what was wrong with the trade volume size?

One dream that’s worth defending…

See the entry of the Maximum Lot Size? That is what this broker imposed as a limitation. You can find out in a second what a broker forgets to communicate out of deception.

You could buy my book for instance in a month or so for £19.99 – the best 20 Pound note you will ever spend – and after I have your email I could send you a small indicator package that would include the Broker Auditor routine that I made.

One love that’s never-ending…

So, let’s run that test again!

First Trade: 8th of January, 2019

Last Trade: 1st of March, 2019

Is this much more? 3410%? No, but this was about knowing your working parameters, your limitations correctly. And as a side effect, when the maximum lot side gets reached, the EA would not simply stop working entirely.

Now I can speak of an EA, one EA as “My EA”. It had to go through 6 Evolutionary steps to be a stand alone, all encompassing Automated Trading Mogul with Full Hedging Capabilities, multiple Cropper Routines and Smart Trail stops in one single Program.

One thing I’m extra proud of is the time outs, when there are no positions open give you plenty of opportunities for withdrawal.

30 round trip trades on 40 trading days is very manageable.

This is my only EA that was specifically designed for the extremes, an embedded, trending market and not opportunistic trading, in a nut shell.