Day Ralio: Meteoriocracy

You are trading Forex, or the Fake out to Fake out market

Your number one objective is to buy out of oversold in the overbought and sell out of overbought in the oversold

The market type is embedded oversold

Deeply oversold level is 1.13

5% is at 1.1238

Daily fuel on the downside is enough to 1.1253-1.1239

4h is out of overbought as per yesterday – refer to the #1 objective

The 30 minute is embedded oversold, the last run up did not manage to eliminate the oversold condition

The run up from the Fake out of Mr. Maroon (also the spark zone) may be over with as soon as the 4H dojo gets faked out on the upside (1.1305-1.1313)

Intel says (i:) to sell above 1.1307