As I mentioned, I am not following on anyone’s path, but there were people that handed me some tools to work with.
Props for George Lane with his works in Stochastics.
J. Welles Wilder… what would I have achieved without your RSI?
I am grateful to all those contributed in the development of the MT4 platform and the mql language.

I saw the use of RSI2 first from Craig Severson (although he only used it on daily charts for his swing trade), and a lot of the lingo I use came from him.
Credits to Ira Epstein for hammering away at stochastic embedding.
Credits to Simple Ton, who showed that there is no need to be afraid of saying things out loud.
Scott Barkley was an influencer even if in a backward manner: his statements helped me to disprove redundant things.
Like when he mentioned about “Big Boys” having Fibonacci built into their tools. Simple Ton said it first: Fibonacci is only in your head.
It is entertainment for the retail trying to act scientific about something that has no science behind – I could add.
Scott kept on pulling his phrase out from somewhere saying “The retail trader makes 5-8 pips on a trade. If you are doing that, you would have to be right 90% of the time for the rest of your life”. I have disproved every stupidity in this sentence countless times. I had 10% plus days with 2.2 pips average trade gains, with 60%-70% percent trade success rate. I can do a 100% gains in 2 weeks, or even in a week. I made 94.5% last week with 5.5 pips average gain size. A 100% gain means that you can withdraw all of your initial capital and your risk from then on would drop to 0: now you are trading with capital that did not even exist a week or two earlier.
Scott, you just keep at trying to fish out the largest pip size trade – perhaps one day they would start selling bread for the largest pips instead of cash. It would look good certainly hanging your largest sizes on the wall, something to show for and sing ballads about to a grand kid. Keep putting those lines on your charts – especially the heart one, that’s very cute.
I myself haven’t been drawing trend lines and retracements for ages and I intend to keep up the habit till I live.

In closing, I would mention, that I am judgemental of the redundant phrase, “price action”. As Simple Ton put it, “What happened to people’s brain? Did it turn into mash?”

2.4 pips on average per trade did not prevent from making 52.4% gains in 21 hours.

72.55% of the long trades and 60.78% of the short trades being successful did not prevent from making profits.