Condition: God Almighty

I spoke of the existence of secondary Wave 1.

The trigger condition is what I call God Almighty.

Too eager buying = 60 period stochastic D still oversold whilst the hourly RSI2 is printing an extreme high (i.e. 95)

Period()==60 && RSI2[i+1]>95 && RSI2[i]<RSI2[i+1] && RSI2[i+1]>RSI2[i+2] && stoch60[i+1]<30 && RSI2[i+7]<28 

Since G.A. is the root of the next wave structure, where you expect the wave 5 to fail to surpass the furthest point printed on the wave 3 by 4, 16 or 26 pips, you can calculate your exit and reversal quite accurately.

The risk of a secondary wave structure is that Wave 5 would be immediately followed by a strong Wave 1 in the opposite direction.

A Wave 1 for the last time, is when Mr. Maroon gets exceeded with one single impulse move = Market Makers have given their approval.

Head = End of Wave 3