Trading Decisions

Trading Decisions should be made with factoring in

  1. The zone price is engaged with
  2. The wave structure

1) is the top priority for it is easy to often think that a Wave structure had ended.
Your best friends are the Guard rails and the hourly count-up to know when you must hedge/ take action for a continuation is due.

Bear Zone was engaged by two hourly lows below the Lower Guard Rail (in Green).
The count up started from the fresh lower low. When the count reached 9, and the bulls failed to make a Wave 1 up by reaching the Market Maker stronghold (Mr. Maroon), you had the continuation sell level on your screen (the highest open / close of those 9 bars & beyond).
A hint of a last leg starting is crossing back over E-16 (in blue) briefly.

2) To pin point a wave 5 of a Wave 5, you need to be constantly looking for the ending wave, which is
a) gonna end with a 22-sample (30 min) higher high / lower low
b) it would not hurt if you could point out a high octane burn that I refer to as Red tail for a confirmation (30 minute again)

The Red tail is a 1.5 hr or so long burn (3, max 4 candles long swing on the 30-min). Now, with the fresh lower low there is 9 hours of Fore given to the bulls when they get to try to make a Wave 1 up. This time it should be different.

To answer the riddle I posted on LinkedIn, the next number was -16.

The Red Line is a 16-pip displacement of the last swing low. This being merely at a 1/2 fluctuation distance away is a no-break extension / break out failure.

Nobody won anything.