Fractal Switch

An indicator I made today, that utilizes the turbulence taking place around Mr. Maroon. Excellent for high volatility markets, such as right now.

For sale at the price it would be worth to you.

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I did not just go back and cherry picked the best looking calls, these are the 10 last calls in reversed sequence.

As you can see, every plot will give you 2 trades. 1st trade is
Go Long / Short as close as possible to the trigger and use the Target for exit, apply a protective 1-pip trail once in gains, set it and forget it. Your risk and reward values are printed on the screen.
The second trade is Re-Opening in the same direction upon reaching the Wrong About the Reversal level – a buy/ sell stop pending with a trail stop associated.
If the other end gets hit, the Close / Hedge level is where you open the counter directional trade, which is another buy/sell stop.

2 more for kicks.

As you will find, if you want to define the risk for the Wrong About the Reversal entry, you can just plug in the Target level, and for the Close/Hedge/Counter Direction Trade, the Trigger level could be utilized.

As for the size of the secondary trade, it should be the normal size if you do not have any holdings, but double the size if you are traveling with a baggage in the wrong direction.

& if I increase my Maroon tolerance by a moon hold of 11 pips, this is what I end up with:

Not that it wasn’t obvious that the flat bottom would be undercut after a failed Wave 1 attempt (or a sign of strength), but it is nice to see that this is a familiar picture for the routine after giving it some slack.

Quote from my Friday morning letter:

This time, having printed 5 waves down I do not expect much reaction from E32, I think Maroon would be touched

One last smack down to a lower low is likely especially with the current flat bottom