What Is a Pullback?

Tempering with the 15m time frame, I concluded the following.

During a channeling move, when price crosses over the local E-16 and makes the first two fractal prints, it gives you a hint of the form of the continuation.

You’ll get a flat/shallow pullback that I refer to as a bridge if there is virtually no progress between the 1st and 2nd print.

The following images are with bridges (concentrate on the bottom side):

A bridge can yield you 1-2 pushes up, but only 1 is guaranteed. The entry is virtually at the height of the 2nd fractal or just a tad over.

A deeper pullback / real pullback shows progress being made between the first and the second fractal.

Such pullback may take several layers to get in, and it would always yield 2 pushes (2 x 3 fractal sequences). In this example there was another 20+ pips on the downside from the 3rd fractal, so -26: would had been the perfect entry.

This pullback committing a shot over the bow is the telltale of a divider wave, in this case, a Wave 2, meaning yet again, is that we are still in a Wave 3 to the upside until a Wave 4 pullback appears with its shot over the bow as well.