Videos I Came Across

This is not bad from an amateur

he has small mistakes like calling the 5-year and 10-year note a bond, talking about US second wave when it is still the first, but he makes an attempt at the wave structure and finds relevant news very well

This guy charges $7,500 per DVD
absolute scammer pretending to have made millions
& poor losers don’t even realize that they are the ones buying him the cars

Don’t forget to not learn any of his pseudo scientific crap such as “the stock is panicking”.

Anyone referring to Timothy Skyes as a mentor defines themselves as a scammer. I love the video where they sit next to each other and Skyes claims to have made 3k the other day and Duxi multiplies down with a false claim of 18x that money, putting the iconic scammer to shame.

Skyes also have sat down with Samuel Leach, and they looked terrific together. Scammers, unite!

There is stuff to learn here, but what he does not factor in is his cost of maintenance on holding triple leveraged ETF

I want alpha, I diversify, I want some serious gains – says Desmond, the DJ.
If you want serious gains, you invest in the right things and don’t diversify.
Check out Charlie Munger’s holdings. Berkshire, chinese etf and Costco.

Desmond made 17% gains with his “algorithm” which is a screen plot made out of indicators in the last month.
I don’t have any algorithms, I have a market model and inability to hold and currently at 84% gains hoping for 100% by Aug.

Desmond is an amateur and shall always remain so.

Got no video for this one (only a short one as part of the article), but decided on adding it anyways

this guy made $28 million with spoofing – and blew it all, never spent time and now does honorary work for the FED