Aleš’s Lessons #10 – Embedded Overbought

The embedded overbought market is making closes above the lucid 80% comfort level (blue).

This has clearly been the case for a while now.

Comfort Levels 4H Lucid

During overbought safety every lower continuation divergence is a buy.

The RSI2 Basic routine can plot for you specific continuation divergences that can tell you below which point you should buy. I also included the RSI2 2 and 98 squares in an extra LG version.

The whole wave structure was built on an RSI2 “2” reading. After that no RSI2 low came this low, so it was free accumulation below the continuation divergences and the RSI2 lows got lower and lower, and here is an RSI2 “2” again. Certainly, it is a buy, but this time not for a holding, only for a trade up, for this is not a root up this high in the air. This RSI2 “2” is a first leg down.

The exits shall remain the Extension fills and /or Mac Counts starting an “8” on the 4-hour chart.

As for the question, how can there be two End of Wave 3 signals and consecutive beat triangles?

The first “3” was the end of wave 3 of Wave 3, followed by wave 4 down.

The second “3” was the end of Wave 3 followed by Wave 4 down.

Remember what I said in the previous lesson about Wave 5 achieving similar degree of stretch as wave 3 of Wave 3?

Wave 5 was a rising wedge. 1.1907 was the extension.