Aleš’s Lessons #14 – No Drive Moratorium

The ND moratorium is a 15-pip zone between the Break and ND where the No Drive edge is still in effect.

Let’s re-introduce the thrust function.

Better. I grayed the Drives out so you can more easily derive the conclusion that the buying spree from the ND low lasted until a thrust was made on the upside.

We have seen this movie before:

The Drives are peak buying/selling just as the Thrusts are, but the Thrusts cannot muster more than 2 hours’ worth.

ND is very much like an exhaustion beat. The gray line on the upside was exceeded somewhat, but not all the way to the break level = in the moratorium.

How did you like the T4 plot on the way down? How did you like the T2 plot on the way up for target on the upside? Yes, in this case there was a break of the beat, but this did not change the target levels, just pushed back the entry.

So let’s count your blessings edges.

ND (+moratorium)

Thrust (terminal correspondent of the ND)

Exhaustion beat

Overdrive lines

Prejected distance

Overheat projections (Wave 5 beat of Wave 3)

These are all things that No one else has concepts of / plots for, but you do.

Another ND Moratorium from earlier

1.1750 was missed by 2 pips – but put the break out hedge 1 pip further still to avoid trigger happy MMs.