Aleš’s Lessons #15 – From Cluelessness to Cluefullness

Blue’s clues should had been the following:

When price failed to sustain a move below the No Drive Break level 3x in a row, that meant inability to go lower = HIGH BASE.

I managed to over think that one and figured it was a temporary act that had to do with some Friday options expiration – don’t do that.

Clue #2 was price not breaking the Maroon Fake out level circled in green.

When what should happen, doesnt’t, remember the name of Peter Reznicek.


There is 3G, 4G and 5D+T. No, this one does not cuse cancer, and you don’t need to send me Bitcoins, I won’t double them.

CL is short for CLue. 5D plus a Thrust was the potential after price went beyond the lower ND level, faked out the break level a few times and then returned back the slim orange line.

The back 2 back D-s (next to candle) should be counted as one, I applied multiple logic not to miss one. Not sure why 5 exactly, but this is the 3rd sequence like that in recent times.

Clue #4 was spotting the impulsive wave and calling it 1.

You may be at a disadvantage when looking at only bar charts: the white block showed no pullback. The pullback following was Wave 2 down. It is a clue by itself when price returns to Zero Lucid (E67 HL2 / Maroon Median).

Clue #5 was breaking the De Tomaso Maroon Fake out. Find the image earlier on this page.

Besides having a clue about the 5D+T and looking at the 4H energy for an exhaustion beat

a further clue of the timing was the wave structure itself.

The relationship between the end of Wave 2 and Wave 4 is a continuation divergence, in this case higher low with lower RSI2 reading

The two automatic #3s are the End of Wave 3 and the end of wave 3 of Wave 5 up. Both beats were as weak as possible.

One clue I forgot to mention about is that a awave 3 likely ends up exceeding the 3-Day ATR (measited from the last 15-min consolidation weight – plots by 15-Min ATR PRO and other indicators). That is exactly what happened yesterday upon reaching beyond 1.1790, which served up the clue of a No Break Extension for the next day.

The triple beat hurdy jerky move recharged the 4H energy completely.

The weight migrated to 1.1791

T1..T4, T2 filled

The day that was the 6th of October, 2020