Aleš’s Lessons #19 – Trading Menu

This is a Level 3 article, no outsider would have a clue of what I’m talking about here.

Trading Menu

  1. 1xFade – scale in with large size, target 20 pips+ from entry.
    Exception is when the call levels had no effect in the opposite direction.
  2. Driven Thrust + Full Charge (Pink F) – Target T2 if Wave 3, Beat if Wave 5 ___________________________________________________________________________
  3. Exhaustion Beat / Exhaustion + Beat Attempt – play the decisive direction according to color depth and to final or intermediate status target beat-T2(700+), beat-T3, beat-T4.
  4. Fade T3 failure target Green Mean, OD(T2)
  5. High charge + Swing Fair price failure – continuation move trade target the new Fade1.
  6. A Bottom / A Top Continuation trades & swing overbought / swing oversold target opposite 20/80, OD(T2)
  7. Fade T2 (overdrive) failure after Crack Ho 94+ or 9.4- print target 0 Lucid, Green Mean.
  8. Fade consolidation overbought / oversold Failure (yellow square + target listed)
  9. Price in Recent No Drive Moratorium (ND +- 5, 10, 15 pips for entries) target E89, T2

Call levels had no effect – Fade Ruled Out

As a reminder here are the tick-tick-wick snapshots.