Doctrine of the Forex Day Trader

– for optimal performance –

Identify a crash and play it

The two kind of crashes are the Viaduct Crash (hitting and reversing off the 45-pips displacement of E16 / 74 pips displacement of E32) out of a not sustainable buying selling and the End of the Line Crash (SSC) out of 3 tries have transpired: no more tries, switch sides.

A near miss of the Viaduct is a steering away move back to the MAs

Get the size in

If the crash is to happen against your holding direction, round up the holdings to your personal risk tolerance level (maximum unhedged holding size) scaling in more and more. If a viaduct crash happened and the reaction is visible, take on a full size hedge at market.

If the crash was in the direction of your holdings

  • get out of your in the money holdings
  • place 2x 1/2 size of your remaining holdings pending 2 and 8 pips from the furthest point of the “Bam / Scorching” section (“3rd” attempt)
  • perhaps add another quarter 16 pips out (consider the overall market direction)
  • perhaps add another quarter 27 pips out (consider the overall market direction)
Overall market direction is currently dollar negative, this won’t change until the daily PSAR gets violated and a 4th day is still making progress beyond the PSAR limit.

Aim for lucid targets

Aim for the safety lines – plug the target code in for the cropper: 0.28 for shorts, 2.8 for longs. With higher conviction you can plug in 0.38 / 3.8 for 10 pips extra. The Channel targets give you a good idea of what is possible / likely.


Plug in the trail stop code with 32-pips tolerance: 3 for shorts 0.3 for longs

Do not touch the trade

Rinse and repeat

What to make of the multiplying Karma police? Starting to look like a crime scene. Politia = Pulis = 3 hourly closes on the other side of Mr. Maroon.

It turned out to be an extended length Wave 2.

…an example of Viaduct 1 breaking & Viaduct 2 holding.

The Wave 3 projection is the black tip of the white spear.

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