Push It

Finger practice for the weekend.

  1. Find and mark up all primary pushes both to the upside and the downside, mark up the first of the secondary pushes and plot reminders for secondary push failures
  2. Draw your conclusions
  3. Do not say things like “science and vague do not fit in the same sentence” referring to Elliott Wave and Harmonics etc, for you would end up losing your remaining audience.
  1. See above
  2. Secondary Push Failure means the new high / low falling short, the 3-push sequence may not continue. After a sequence of 3, the ball is up in the air for a reversal.
  3. I’ll consider your advice.

The development…

lending new meaning to “the market is crashing” – all it means is expanding volatility

A crash often imposes a challenge to add to the move in that direction: it sets up the secondary push to fail. If it does not, it should be noted.