Smile or Don’t

So, I mentioned in these columns, that my boss committed suicide.

I was working for him for 3 years at that point, probably 4-5 days per week, lots of face-time.

He told me one time, “this is the first time I’ve seen you smile”.

I just had an exam. The teach asked me: do you always smile?

I’m the same person I’ve always been. People project their subjective world onto me, like a canvas.

The world is what you make it.

Like the MVIS stock (pico projector was the future as per Alex Nason back in 2010), that I bought around 2.25 (probably bought 2500+ shares to make it around 5k in cost), then dropped to 1 and then I got out at just above 2 for a loss.

The other day it was featured on some YouTube vid, so now I know that a decade later it hit $18 as a Nasdaq stock.

Why am I talking about all this?

Because, I have an issue of executing on the reflection I bring out of a mirror.

I have a problem with acknowledging: it’s real.

I made $22 today. Instead of a potential 4k.

I have been explaining to people about my “provable” leg count versus the un-provable Elliott “Wave” counts. I was showing them where Leg 6 would start relative to the E-32 and how far I expect the beat to go.

I was telling them on how risk free it was to go long up to the same size I was currently short, and how risk free it would be to make the hedge run once I got locked in a gain. All was left to choose was how much gains to take, and this was not at particularly random either.

The helipad was printed. But then comes doubt. What is the priority of a leg over the MEAN? What if price consolidates below it? What if a LEG 3 prints a zero or a double zero? What happens when Leg 5 makes the beat beyond the outlying fractal? Would wave 6 remain mute? I know, 6 legs equals a correction, I know, even if there will be a Leg 7, it would come from beyond E-89, but still!

I have the right knowledge. I have built the right tools (dynamic trail-stop) and a data base about what to expect from the next leg.

If I understand everything, how can I end up with nothing?

All in all, this world is unreal. You have all scammers unite to blaze a new path where nothing remains alive in their tracks. People reward these useless efforts built on the most useless technology the world has ever seen (anybody who tells you otherwise is either invested in it or plain dumb), for this is the subjective world of other people’s eyes we live in.

Intelligence is not everything. Balls are. Bitter sweet symphony this is.