Flawa Mea

So, I figured why not make a balance of flowers indicator: grab the last five RSI readings, average them and if you get larger than 50, that’s green, less that’s red.

The second row is the same thing, but with half a dozen for a bouquet.

Still don’t believe in indicators? What are you using your eyes for if not to identify something that may indicate something you recognize? I make the charts translate themselves. This is what I do.

6 is expected to make a beat beyond the outlier fractal (often made by 5, sometimes by 6 itself) by 10,21 or 29 pips

That’s all for today, folks!

I was considering some nice, controversial stuff now that I am being boycotted by one of the forums I used to be posted at frequently. See, it is kind of liberating to have less restrictions, so I started planning for some self fulfilling entertainment.

Life is born from unprotected sex

Life is torn by sharing needle with your ex

& this was how far I got with my elaborate scheme.

Never seen anybody else do this. It was a break in the market profile. The support is not the 39, because that’s the largest number, the support is the difference between the 18 and the 27. Too large of a step.