Helipad, Full Length Wave

Let’s talk about the motivation for this article.

I missed out on 3k again today thanks to my devil dog, le fear unrationale.

I am 4.7 lots short by default. Taking on longs decreases the naked exposure, so it is strongly advised – at the right places.

Seeing that the market is making multiple beats, I scaled in. Had 4 lots at a time, bought 4x 0.5 more later on.

My trading career is about one single thing: learning to hold.

I got too complacent with the $423 gains yesterday, so today I was only doing things half heartedly. I took $230 and left another 3k on the table. This is what I need a partner in crime for: I know all the answers, but I do freeze in action, forget to ask the right question out loud and go passive too often. I was in the trade. All I had to do was to hold for a full length wave – more on this later.

What is a helipad?

A helipad is the area between the swing point and the first beat of the outlier (plots of OBB).


A helipad is the area between an Eleven and a Thirteen (plots of the Modified Modified Fractals).


Basically, as soon as you exceed 11 or the Beat, you can start accumulating for a full length wave. That expression again!

I reached inside my indicators and made this redux plotter – now called Stochastic Longbow.

The 9-sample stochastic D with 3 delay is the best measurement of a full length wave between 20 and 80 that I know of. Circles are plotted automatically.

There are some inside tricks to be had such as putting “0.9” for stop loss and have my auto trail stop relentlessly adjust the target level based on the current location of the E-89 until the push away happens and then the stop loss has to be put with a 0.2 to automatically lock in 3.5 pips and trail 32 pips behind the highest high achieved.

As for continuation on the upside, I don’t think so. Crossing back below the E-89H within 2 hours is how a new leg kicks in. Zero Three was activated I believe. I’m expecting serious downside here: the Zeros are not part of the leg count. 6 legs down with the first 3 coming from beyond the E-16L and the second 3 from beyond E-32 for a start. 9 or 9+12 legs if things get some good traction.

“I reached inside myself and found… Nothing to ease the pressure of my ever worried mind…”

The ins and outs of trading with stochastics:

The ones with the nipples (nippon-ken) are the ins, and the doughnut ones are the outs. Macdulio out.

Trust me, if you have to trust someone.