Handbuch Für Nicholas Gauge

A ThursDay present.

Firstly, I would like to prosecute the accusation that this indicator was initially called Nicholas Coppola (Inglés isn’t my first language, y’dummy 🙂

I had to consider a lot of things carefully.

I had to conform with Bitcoin ETFs.

Magenta is a non-existing color, more here:

I had to be considerate with those who had / have

  • a Fiat Chroma as a vehicle
  • an XT/AT with a monochrome monitor
  • Chrome disease
  • childhood restrictions on consumption of flashing images
  • religious intolerance of backgrounds other than white, with very little black allowed here and there.

To satisfy all of the above and avoid mentioning colorblind in this blog entry, I have got some news for you about black and white: they are not colors, but tones (learned it from a photographer, so there – you came here for the truth and I unveiled it for you).

Nick Gauge got its nickname from dealing with RSI extreme readings in a nick of time (I’m gonna resist inserting nicotine in this sentence – failed).


change the lookback value for sample length, change the indicator window if it is other than 1

The bottom lines are the following:

Unsustainable is a fragile condition. It urges a sudden resolution.

It is a little bit like ice fishing: you have to come up for water to be able to continue at all.

There are a number of possibilities.

  1. A squirt is when inertia carries the price too far -> reversal
  2. Coming up for air is a counter move that moderates the relative strength to keep on progressing by a thousand cuts.
  3. Embedding is a neat little idea, but exactly which time frame with what sample size should be the standard for this?
  4. Price can slip back or turn for good

Now, the squirts are to be taken seriously, if they get exceeded, that is a bona fide break, and you need to make changes to your holdings.

Sustainable buying / selling – after unsustainable buying a sustainable selling phase may be a good entry. Think “3, 4” blocks out.

You can spot divergences, work off of extremes, etc.

I have not been able to upload anything since WordPress eliminated the option of a ZIP file back in 2018. Can’t change this, sorry.

Link updated, it’s been a while since I shared a Google Drive file.

Nicholas Gauge.ZIP

(an indicator by Francis Fjord Macdulio)

Lastly, some shout out to my homie, Jeff Bezos*: I always wanted you to go into space, man!

You must be ejected at once before you develop Blue Balls from some Unidentified Origin down here, hehe!

* About the Amazon connection: i was once interrogated interviewed by a company rendered directly below them. I had to study Amazon’s principles (apparently not only Ray Dalio has these things), and I failed to dress to impress; backhround srarch revealing fake LinkedIn account. Etc. They could not take the risk of being associated with me. Noone can.

I managed to dodge a mullet, yet I failed to ride the bullet – as the crucified Army of Flowers put it back in the daze.

Something I did not have the time for yesterday:

the displacements for the beats.

B() S()

Did I say something about divergences?