This blog is turning 4 years old this month, and there are number of things to remember in July; 3 birthdays in particular. The official music for this occasion would be Knülla Kük by Moby.

Kük means Cock and Knülla is something you can do with it. I almost feel sorry that these were the first two words in Swedish you had to learn.

Einstein is dead, Elvis is dead, and I am not feeling too well myself.

17th of July Gyuri

18th of July Attila

19th of July Gábor

One of these committed suicide. One got poisoned, but his death was recorded as natural occurrence (Embolia is a symptom, not a cause). It is only me now with the living, and what am I doing with my time? I make a blog with it.

You’ve been a good sport to have made it to this point, so I’ll cut you a deal.

I made the following changes to the Squirt: besides the existing divergence of higher high, lower RSI2, previous reading was magenta, I decided that I should be calling a magenta read that had a magenta in the ancestry (5 hours earlier) a squirt regardless of the divergence being present or not.

((Low[i]<Low[i+1] && RSI2[i]>RSI2[i+1] && (RSI2[i+1]<2 || RSI2[i+2]<2 )) || (RSI2[i+1]<2 && RSI2[i]>2 && RSI2[i+6]<2))
((High[i]>High[i+1] && RSI2[i]<RSI2[i+1] && (RSI2[i+1]>98 || RSI2[i+2]>98 ))|| (RSI2[i+1]>98 && RSI2[i]<98 && RSI2[i+6]>98))

Now all the blacks can be utilized with the 3-step triangles to be plotted for the expected location of the beat.

The scaling goes like this:

>98+ = +4 squirt (with divergence or persistently unsustainable buying)
>98  = +3 unsustainable buying
>96  = +2 
>93.5  = +1 sustainable buying 

The same goes in the opposite direction from -1 to -4

this allows for Highlighting divergences with a higher level search

score[i]>-1 && score[i+1]<0 && Low[i+1]<iLow(symbol,0,iLowest(symbol,0,MODE_LOW,20,i+6))
&& score[iLowest(symbol,0,MODE_LOW,20,i+6)]<score[i+1] 

I started using the TTM humps as filters, so for instance, the finder of the “W5 peaked” is looking for a positive hump (DeepSkyBlue print) besides the magenta reading

score[i]==0 && score[i+1]==3 && score[i+2]<3 && score[i+2]>0  && upD[i+1]>0

Anno Memory

What is this?