Midnight Magnet & The Firestarter

I jot down ideas in a note-file for raw materials for new writings.

I wrote poisoned magnet somewhere, but could never add anything to it. This is what happens when you are a poet: you fall in love with mental image like that.

Anyways, back to the lesson.

A mean reversion turned into something else

We can agree that the mean reversion only called for 1.18017.

If an RSI2 magenta interrupted is a soft reset and a zero that gets printed put of an E67 band crossing with enough directional volatility is a hard reset, then the return to the Green River resets the whole power grid. A new direction can be picked without reprehension.

What is the story with the 17+ pips penetration beyond the Firestarter line?

I have a theory about corrective waves, or at least the M.O. of a C wave.

A Wave 1 (impulsive) usually falls short of the 3-day ATR by 20 pips – I call this the sound barrier.

A Wave 3 (impulsive) usually ends in the 3-day ATR to 3-day ATR+30% zone, and if it exceeds it somewhat, the day typically would settle back in this zone.

A Wave C (impulsive) has all 3 legs: Measuring Leg, Divergent Leg and Beat and usually falls between the sound barrier and the 3-day ATR halfway (or 10 pips shy of the 3-day ATR)

I’m not a trend vector expert yet, but I opened up this field by identifying the two sub groups & starting to explore their features.

My biggest lessons in trading seem yo be rather homogeneous: all you had to do was do nothing.

Therefore I have come to ask myself a lot: what has changed?

See, there’s a lot at snake here. Yesterday I had more shorts than longs. Then I dumped all shorts for chump change. If I were conscious about the touch/crossing over the vector line, I could had spared myself a 3k draw down and by taking on longs only on the other side both directions could had contributed to the bottom line.

I have yet to figure out things like: does time have on effect on the strength of a newly printed line? Does the presence of the mean / lack of trading throw things off? Is the Midnight Brain (acceleration) the main thing to pay attention to? I’d have to name things accordingly when I’d be a little bit firesmarter.

Very good movie this was.

She looks like a ladybug & acts like a punk – hmm. Mr. Blomqvist certainly has aspirations.