Overnight Failure

i became a British citizen in 2019, but I have not started exercising my rights for inventing stupid slogans until last week, when I came up with this: there is no failure without foreplay.

No, I did not mean the day before you came.

I realize that the world is tuned onto sex and is full of misunderstandings.

I of course get up, stand up and don’t give up the fight for the ultimate understanding of market mechanics, what makes it flick.

i present you my evidence one failure at a time.

Some vertical lines to catch your interest.

Let’s pin your knuckle to the pinnacle with this one:

Define foreplay – it goes 3/4 of the way.

Failure – typically reaching climax short of the second goal line – a higher high / lower low.

To throw a monkey wrench into the Apple emblem, a zero-mastodon sequence does fit the foreplay & failure coupling, yet there may be yet another attempt to come to the zero-mastodon axis for George Michael / One More Try, so respect them mastodons accordingly. (A mastodon-fetish is completely normal, it is a mere attraction to overtly hairy things).

The implications are severe, the complications are uncanny. The whole idea is to restrain premature capitulation.

So that we are on the same page, I missed out on 8k gains on Thursday and Friday by calling into question the validity of these findings.

There is a also a way to turning a success to a failure, so you should know about this.