Where No One Has Gone Before

When Kennedy said, “we choose to go to the moon and do the other thing…”

The other thing was obviously figuring out trading.

They could not let that happen.

I’m that type of guy who finds all answers.

Check if I pointed out the principle that to put up a fight with an attack from one side, you need a commander that ranks one lower in my Canon Folder blog entry.

What can counter a Zero? An “M”.

What can counter an “M” (Resident Evil)? Something that ranks just below it, i.e. Vice Resident.

The importance of ranks was there and my other blog entry, Near Hisses talks about near misses of the M-axis or the Zero-Mastodon trendline. There was even a YouTube video introducing it – I was conscientious of its importance.

All in all, the 3-point turns are the strongest.

An attempt on a fresh M-axis ranks just one below the strongest turning trifecta: a near miss of the M-axis.

Neil, my arms are strong

As my Sketchers – the type that would be too small for most of mankind – touch the sand, I feel the overwhelming sensation that no man has gotten this far before me.

I was the guy who knew too much.