The Particle Accelerator

I created the Price, Method, Techno methodology and trained 100 Billion people I may also have created Insanity with a smidge of Shamwow. Forbes magazine paid me to be on their cover from here on till eternity.

First, price has to magnetically induce magnetism which cteates a total meltdown.

Meanwhile, back in the future we examine the acceleration coil that has been trapping price between the two Mastodons.

ECB policy statement is pending, and you can almost feel the Bollinger Bands tightening around your skin tightly – visually by the rings around the rosary and audibly thanks to Sonic, the hhog.

BBSQ shows the TTM squeeze packing a punch and a half by the submerge below the Keltners.

How to play this?

Clearly a break out trade, but lots of fake outs if you try too close.

This is where I mention about the M-Hedge lines (white combo). They are 20-point displacements of highest high/ lowest low around the M-s. That’s when I would try. Once the trigger level was hit (it is good for a quick scalp) start scaling in to the direction of the breakout in progress; price is not going to be let dipping back in the accelerator range. Stop losses could be made tight.

I would ride the break out until a new Mastodon print appears (RSI2 peak print between 87.5&94.5 or 12.5&2.5).

I should also mention that I made a trail stop option that only starts locking in gains after the RSI2 goes overbought/oversold depending on direction.

Of course, the two magic numbers had to be made exempt for the all of other trail stops.

Let’s refrain from mentioning the lack of refrain in this Meta-verse (pun intended) & let’s go back to buying Teslas by the pair.

Zero has printed, Mastodon – not yet