Improvement VS Invention

The world’s history is made up of venture capitalists and thieves.

Everyone knows the name of Bill Gates. He holds the patent for the MS Dos, the very foundation of Microsoft because he… coded it? Nope.

Everyone knows the name of Steve Jobs, but what did he invent?

Graphic operating system with icons and mouse? Nope. These were the invention of Xerox employees.

What about touch screen, that had to be Jobs, surely?!

Jobs was 10 years old then.

Wozniak? Yes, he has beautiful stories of circuit-layout optimization for lowering cost and improving on speed, but nothing falls under the invention category.

One may be patenting something to be able to build a monopoly and capitalize on being in the position of power.

I’m saying these things so that you understand that the world is made up of venture capitalists and thieves. The original inventors die in poverty for the most part and nobody cares to learn their names. In fact, there would be all kind of efforts to erase them from history by some slick capitalist criminals.

In contrast, I know, inventing an indicator does not sound like much. It isn’t normally. Combining existing things, like RSI and Stochastic to a Stochastic RSI I would not call an invention, they are modifications / improvements.

For my Energy Bands however I had to invent new thinking, new math that reverses fractal energy calculation in order to predict future likelihood that can come in handy when determining a wave structure. It is truly something that no one has thought of before, and may never think of even in the future. They are tied to my personal existence. They are an invention.

If you type in Tesla Founders, you get a Venture capitalist listed as the fist one who was only present when the company needed the A-round of financing. History in the re-writing.