7-4 Sisters

Today we are talking about a global warning and what is beyond infinity.

I would suggest to start keeping an eye out for the following vista:

3x shy aka triple X. Particularly lethal mountain combination in an embedded market. Of course, if you are a price action trader, you don’t need this kind of a help. Just watch out for the side effects!

if (RSI2[i]<RSI2[i+1] && RSI2[i+1]>RSI2[i+2] && RSI2[i+1]<87.5 && RSI2[i+1]>60){
 siscounter = 1;
 while (j<i+12){
   if (RSI2[j]<8) break;
   if (RSI2[j]>87.5) break;
   if (RSI2[j]<RSI2[j+1] && RSI2[j+1]>RSI2[j+2] && RSI2[j+1]<87.5 && RSI2[j+1]>60) {siscounter++; j=j+3;}
 if (siscounter==3 && (RSI2[j+2]>87.5 || RSI2[j+3]>87.5 || RSI2[j+4]>87.5)){

Which of the following lines above is making sure, that this triplet does not get picked up as a Tripoli below?

What you are looking at here is opening sells into strength way ahead of the CPI (positioning). What you need to understand is that there was going to be selling regardless of what the actual news / reading would turn out to be. Then they would start adding to their holdings as the sheeple (Johhny Come Earlies) were going short dxy hearing aboit the record level of inflation.

I certainly had an issue with the looks of the last leg down. It did not bear signs of tapering on the daily chart.

Wave 5 was always supposed to end in a taper.

The Mastodon trendline was made. A scare on it or a near miss to end the downside progression would do. We are pushing 3x stretch from the mean (2.9413x)

There is a push in progress below 1.1455 pushing the cover zone further out as well as lower the bottom of the range & the oversold neckline. What is not right here is that this move isn’t coming from nearby the reset (E21) and the stochastic is very low / yet still showing a divergence up from the previous swing low. The red interrupted Window Envelope is at 1.1439.

What other targets may be at play here?

The next daily level is 1.14329. Frankly, a scare is good enough.

What about the hierarchy mentioned in the last entry? The first image shows the scare on the Overdrive line, it’s called “Grand Exit”.

The overdrive itself is a 2×2 Fluctuation Maximum displacement of the E-32. Cca 83.6 pips.

The projected distance call made by the A leg down has received its follow through by making a beat beyond 1.1464.

The current projection made by Wave C is meaningless, just attests to strength having transpired.