Ripping Out The Wings of a Waterfall

Like I said, the waterfall selling once initiated by a tremor (wing flap of the butterfly) below the reversal confirmation line, nothing can stop it from becoming a cunami (c=ts). Nothing, but a 67-sample momentum divergence (green).

Once the flies are buttered up in the right place, every new swing high would be a lower one.

Whilst Wilbur wants to kill himself,

Walter is unstoppable

Walter can’t stop falling (measuring leg kick-back Tremor below the reversal confirmation level)

Walter becomes Mr. Glass for a few days. He is breaking things left & right, and he can’t seem to get up in a sustainable manner.

The tremors are the white flag poles. The head pointing down says lower highs from here on.
Relapse from erection to Waterfalling down again.

Walter is erected (67-sample momentum reversal divergence)

The last time Walter had an erection, he could only be stopped by two qualified Zero-Mastodons and between these he managed to regain his stamina by popping a blue triple M pill. The amount of desire could almost satisfy 2 full grown wooly Mastodons!

There has not been a qualified zero (+mastodon) yet, the M+S wasn’t a correction (so this is still the same wave), just ask Pirelli.

A correction requires the first, measuring leg arrive with 2/3 of fluctuation-size volatility (a tremor).

By the way, this is how you can use the 15-MIN ATR projections of mine:

You see the price struggling at 1.13, you look at the indicator that shows a 1.1344-1.1364 for a Wave 1 as prospect and so you don’t start shorting immediately.

Let’s face the music: do bitter flies dream of electronic horses? – this remains a mistery.