The Scorching System

If you like simple things, this is for you. (1h Chart)

+ – points can be given for

  • Qualified zero print (RSI2< 2.5 or RSI2>97.5 25+ pips away from E44)
  • Momentum divergence (14, 67 sample sizes) or RSI2 divegence
  • Price beyond the safety lines (+ – 28 pips from E32)
  • 26-sample new high / low
  • + – 2 points for qualified wicks

So that’s an absolute 6 on the temperatűr scale. A 4 is rather persuasive in most cases to take a position. A 6 needs no arguing whatsoever.

A 3 is a rotation: good enough for a continuation entry and the raining direction has to be covered.

1-sample delay for better visuals of candles crossing over the previous level.
The Wicks.
The croppers always understood the Safety & the Shadow lines as revolving exit doors.

I would give a squeeze low/high 5 points.

It’s all about the Pendulum, baby!