Set Yourself on Morti-fire

The only way to succeed as a trader is to make hundreds of great risk/reward trades & become the casino. That is your edge. (SMB Capital)

If you can make 1000% in a short period of time (i.e. a month or two) and don’t forget to pull out some gains, I have nothing more to teach you. No one does. You would make it on a deserted island as long as you have internet, electricity and a trading account with some funds on it.

As somebody smart with a thick accent once said, be best – it sure isn’t worth to be anything else.

The best trader is a subjective thing. Some people would swear on someone who can get large returns with small risks, but this would require having means from start. I’m more of the double or nothing, pull yourself up by the shoestrings, making it despite of having next to nothing to begin with type of guy.

Double or nothing does not mean that I’m a gambler by default, but being a pro gambler is no small feat. Finding and exploiting edges is the only way to improve on your odds.

When I started school, the first thing we had to learn was the alarm chain. This was a route you had to follow to notify all of your class mates during an air raid. After putting down the quill pen, at home there wasn’t always bread without mold, there wasn’t always milk. Sometimes all we had was potatoes growing sprouts and flour. This was the end of the 70s. Until 1989 we were only allowed to leave the country to the West three times per year at a maximum and the amount of currency we could buy was regulated. We first received a landline (telephone) with our 5-digit number when I was in 4th grade. I was the school year who had mandatory Russian lessons until the end of secondary in 1991. Ours was the last tall concrete building facing south 30km from the border. During the bombing of Kosovo we were kept entertained by the ironing taking on the resonance brought on by the explosions.

You may take freedom for granted, capital for granted – I don’t.

So let’s make it official & commemorate the power lift made in 28 trading days. On this day of National Defense, forget the meaning of soaking paper, put on this gas mask and run with me.

Let’s change the name of the business to Morti Finance and let’s design a Zero-Mastodon logo.

That’ll do. Almost as good as Sparkasse from Picasso.

’cause I believe in miracles, words & heavy doses. (Neneh + bit of correction by me)

Inside heads with low counter directional RSI volatility (<55%) will get broken than oppose the direction of the outside head.

Every move ends with a mastodon, but looking back history you may find that they got turned into an S by the time of the settlement of the given time segment.

A mastodon preceded by a zero print is a head. A sequence of outside 3M prints (without a zero) can reverse price equally.

A zero is only qualified if it manages to take price 30+ pips from E44 HL2. A zero can be voided by price touching down on the E44.

Add to your holdings when the momentum turns in your favor.

Monitor counter-directional volatility. An opposing swing move of 25-33 pips (fluctuation size overbought) is a P1, a preliminary tremor of the soon arriving quake of P2; 55, 66, or 75-149 pips long.

White lines are the P1 tremors, the P2s are the following swings down.

A Waterfall (Tremor below the yellow confirmation line) ends in a 67-sample Momentum divergence>

(P1+P2 was another a book of mine.)

I know where I’m going and where I’m coming from, so here I come. (Second Neneh Cherry quote to finish with.)

Let’s check if you have learnt anything here so far.

What is wrong with this picture (3 points) made by a guy who’s selling a course for $2,500?

I always suspected that this guy was a statement-forger. I got my proof & removed him. You should too.

My inspiration can only be one name.

This Math is Crystal. I arrest my case 🙂

Bears can make some money, bulls can make some money before they walk into he market makers’ operated slaughter house.

It’s no laser sword. My father had a gun like that: it is for shooting pigs in the head.

There is already an asian kid, who can do this better than you. Yet, for an ancient white dinosaur, I think this was a good showing & Dutch would be proud of his favorite Hungarian right now.

The equity curve for the last 28 days:

Approx. 600% gains.

I do wonder sometimes about which record isn’t associated with my name at my current broker.

What about 2 million percent gains then?

That was 7 dollars turned into 140k. Authentic, pure magic. Rest assured, you won’t be able to open a micro lot out of $18 on a 30:1 ESMA account.

Do not rush things, until now you had yet to meet someone capable of making 1000% not ROI, ROR but ROC. This is where we are at right now.

Sometimes you need a Hungarian to make things right.

Your world may be of bored millionaires ready to put up 260k for Stocks they get put with to make thirteen thousand in 5 weeks, but I seem to exist in an alterate reality which is an eluding cocktail of blood diamonds and strictly come strychnine & I’m in in from the lignite to the ligaments.

I juat want to see a tree. No, I won’t.