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from the XXX rated files of Tripoleee trading.

The difference between being able to make $600 or $1,800 a day is the understanding of exit conditions.

We have a top, we do not have a bottom yet.

Gray E-s = sustainable ascent/descent.

Yellow E-s = steep incline / decline (30 sample higher high / lower low)


Yellow E-s with 3D drop shadow: extra steep incline / decline (80 sample higher high / lower low)

if (RSI2[i]<96.5 && RSI2[i+1]>96.5 && RSI2[ArrayMinimum(RSI2,6,i+1)]<80) excess[i+1]=1;
  if (RSI2[i]>5.5 && RSI2[i+1]<5.5 && RSI2[ArrayMaximum(RSI2,8,i+1)]>20) excess[i+1]=-1;
We have a bottom, we do not have a top yet.

Now, you would think that the extra steep is ought to be shorter in time than the steep one, but you would only be half right. In overdrive / hype would be good for 4 individual E-s whereas a mere steep incline is likely to only score 3.

In the gray mode the zero-mastodon trendlines can provide clues on the health of buying / selling. When the reach starts falling short get out/ hedge for a counter-leg which is going to be a deep correction (2 Es), but not a new wave.

E&E – deep corrections. A top as well at count #4.

Come to think of it, that’s overall more of a lucky dip/quick pick for a continuation/ final thrust made up of 3Es. What a quick dip does is it re-adjusts the swing point to push out the opportunistic counter entries further, so buy the double penetration.

Steepest decline, count 4.

Now you know why it is dangerous to short a boring market. The stakes don’t start until the yellow E-bricks get pushed out & the wall of hurry materializes.

What is an E-S-S sequence? It is not an end of a wave, it is an end of being brave (end of a leg).

HL and LH of course stands for Heil Hilter and vica versa.

Needless to say, I have to say Needles! at this point.

The 2022 version called No Tengo Monero is yet to be made.

The Best Revenge

Song by Color Theory

Teach me a lesson
A wound at your hands
And justice demands
That I should pay attention
Vengeance is fine
But who has the time?

Call me a coward
Go on the attack
I won’t fight you back
Or grant you any power
An eye for an eye
Leaves everyone blind
A tooth for a tooth
Is dental abuse

No I won’t chase down a hit and run
Throw my life off track for anyone
Moving on is the best revenge

A minor uproar
An insult to you
That karma and voodoo dolls
Can not atone for
A prisoner of war
You’ll settle the score
A lack of control
That eats at your soul

Stardust falls from the sky tonight
Let your guard down and feel it
Really feel it.

We have a V bottom, we do not have a top yet.