Momentum Raping #3

Today we are short on teachers, so I’m going to hold the biology, music and trading lessons in one.

Let’s start with Finland. How can a small nation like them be such a powerhouse of synthetiser music? This remains a mistery.

Wonderful you and me. I actually have this CD.

Shrieks and Sighs and Calm Delight are some of the master pieces of Neuroactive even in terms of the poetry involved.

The logic of the “you’re gonna leave now, and hope for something better” still fills me up with joy about how different it is.

Kimmo’s voice is incredible.

Kebu is a true heavyweight champion of composition as well as a virtuose player.

Just what I would like to hear on my funeral.

Once I make it big, he’ll be the first one I’d invite to give a concert on my island in the Caribbean.

I only met a couple of Finns during the Koszovo war, and they told me about kezi and vizi that were of the same root in our languages (kez & viz in Hungarian).

For biology, I’m gonna hand out this short video on the Uralians.

Now, let’s portion out some momentum trading bones to the eager puppies who came.

Stare at the Daily chart, and ask yourself, what’s missing?

In the direction that the martet is progressing, the wicks should become ever shorter. If they become longer, that means that the counter momentum is growing and it may flip the boat soon.

The adequate question as of yesterday would had been, where is the larger/cover wick and play the ABC terminal as an entry fora cover low which means a 4-sample lower low. Yesterday closed back outside the deeply oversold (below 8) which meant that the final cover low was yet to be made. With tofay’s candle loss the stochastic went as low as 3.5, what is important that at the close the k will still be in the deeply oversold still but price would be off the low by 27 pips.

A temporary loss of momentum can occur after a discharge on the BB
(along with losing deeply OB or deeply OS), which triggers an ABC move where both A and C would be taken to the extreme of a double volaility breach and C may not exceed A.

Yet again, the post partum image shows price and the Daily Bollinger to have met, nevertheless, price only got within 10 pips of it when it was charging, but now the Band is reeled back into the price’s field.