Yours, Sincerely

Follow the pendulum.

A NIL++ on the negative side is aiming for a 90 print on the positive side (thin red lines).

Similarly, a NIL++ on the positive side is aiming for a 10 print on the negative half.

A NIL+ is aiming for a NIL+ (purple lines) if nothing else manages to stop it.

A NIL+ to a PONR (point of no return) segment is where Left Shoulders come from if they get to swing back to the middle of the same core range (50%).

-100 is at 1.0073, lots of 200 lines in that area.

This NIL++ to 90% move I would consider finished, yet it fell short of the green 50% line of the same range, so it does not currently qualify for an LS.

I am of the opinion that although price seems to be stuck between the 9EMA and the 20SMA, the momentum is down and we’ll see the lower BB tagged first.

What could flip back the momentum up is if there was a daily close below the S20 followed by 2 daily closes back above. A 3-day procedure. Currently the day to day, constant closings above the S20 to me indicates a distribution. Yes, the BIAS is up – being above the 20SMA, which may end up making the kick start difficult.

People, I am looking for a new job, putting together a portfolio of web works in the coming weeks. Could you possibly help?

Music? Of course. Sorry.

A NULL is a match of a previous Zero level & missing the cue. A Head is between a 0 and an outside 17 pips (between ZERO and the NBE (No Break Extension). A Hat can go a little further and fiddle around a bit, but would likely not reach into the area starting at NIL+ (40%).