Compulsory Impulses

aka Impuolsury Compulses. There are complementary “The Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul” books by Douglas Adams in the fridge.

This one is about Waves and what I’m thinking in general in my spare time.

I started coloring the lines green if they are occurring in the direction of the wave structure (up) and red downwards, so there are less “yellow/ hiccups” prints that needs further evaluation.
the green filter:
if (RSI2[j]>84 && Low[i]>iBands(symbol,0,60,2,0,PRICE_MEDIAN,MODE_LOWER,i)) ObjectSet("LAMBDA"+DoubleToStr(i),OBJPROP_COLOR,clrGreen);

Bare with me please. The Blue Lines represent impulse waves, the whites are the A& C legs of corrective waves.

The impulse waves turn on a single or an extended RSI2 divergence. Zero stands for an extreme RSI2 reading (outside the 30-sample BB as well) and a Mastodon, which is usually an RSI2 print falling sort from the peak reading by 10% or so. The last example made an additional challenge of the Zero-Mastodon trendline and doubled down on the divergence. As you can see, the V bottom (Blue V) reversed the direction of the exhaustion: now the “running out of strength” prints appear on the top. This is a clue about the direction of progression. What an impulse move would fail to do is allow for counter directional volatility to exceed the fluctuation size until things get overheated (e.g. price would already have made it to the other side of the BB).

Now, I do not want you to confuse the wave type with how far the market would get.

This corrective wave traveled 288 pips from the recoil point.

This corrective wave traveled 240 pips.

What I do want you to notice is the recoil move at the beginning coming back awfully closer to the upper BB. As soon as the counter directional volatility exceeds 35 pips, you have a target made based on where the recoil point lands.

No kidding, I have projections all the way to 215 pips out, and only 4 different distance-groups per direction.

if (Low[j]<iBands(symbol,0,60,2,0,PRICE_MEDIAN,MODE_LOWER,j)-100*Point)
     {   ObjectCreate(0,"TRIAGE"+IntegerToString(i),OBJ_TRIANGLE,0,Time[i],iLow(symbol,0,j)+1950*Point,Time[i+4],iLow(symbol,0,j)+1950*Point,Time[i+4],iHigh(symbol,0,iHighest(symbol,0,MODE_HIGH,8,i)));
            ObjectSetInteger(0,"TRIAGE"+IntegerToString(i),OBJPROP_COLOR,clrGray);  ObjectSetInteger(0,"TRIAGE"+IntegerToString(i),OBJPROP_WIDTH,1); ObjectSetInteger(0,"TRIAGE"+IntegerToString(i),OBJPROP_BACK,1); 
            ObjectSetInteger(0,"TRIAGES"+IntegerToString(i),OBJPROP_COLOR,clrGray);  ObjectSetInteger(0,"TRIAGES"+IntegerToString(i),OBJPROP_WIDTH,1); ObjectSetInteger(0,"TRIAGES"+IntegerToString(i),OBJPROP_BACK,1); 
            ObjectSetInteger(0,"TRIAGEZ"+IntegerToString(i),OBJPROP_COLOR,clrGray);  ObjectSetInteger(0,"TRIAGEZ"+IntegerToString(i),OBJPROP_WIDTH,1); ObjectSetInteger(0,"TRIAGEZ"+IntegerToString(i),OBJPROP_BACK,1); 
             ObjectCreate("ANGL"+IntegerToString(i), OBJ_TEXT, 0, Time[i],  iLow(symbol,0,j)+1950*Point+38*Point);  
             ObjectSetText("ANGL"+IntegerToString(i),"              c_"+DoubleToString(NormalizeDouble(iLow(symbol,0,j)+1950*Point,4),4), 16, "Impact",  Blue);  
             ObjectCreate("ANGLia"+IntegerToString(i), OBJ_TEXT, 0, Time[i],  iLow(symbol,0,j)+2150*Point+38*Point);  
             ObjectSetText("ANGLia"+IntegerToString(i),"               s_"+DoubleToString(NormalizeDouble(iLow(symbol,0,j)+2150*Point,4),4), 16, "Impact",  White);
             ObjectCreate("ANGLi"+IntegerToString(i), OBJ_TEXT, 0, Time[i],  iLow(symbol,0,j)+2150*Point+38*Point);  
             ObjectSetText("ANGLi"+IntegerToString(i),"              s_"+DoubleToString(NormalizeDouble(iLow(symbol,0,j)+2150*Point,4),4), 16, "Impact",  Red);

In a case like this (see below), where the recoil leg is printing beyond the first recoil point, the downside projection gets shifted up by a similar amount (i.e. 20 pips higher than the original cover level was projected at) – according to my current thinking.

I believe that the 30-sample BB bottom would get touched on the way. If I’m wrong, you are in a Wave 3 up.

Charging your electric vehicle in a thunderstorm… What could possibly go wrong?

And now for something completely different.

Name’s Neo. Born in Borneo. Nice to greet you.

BĂ©chamel Crucial

Are you wholesome tonight? Love me… pre-tender!

Every bread you bake

Every interest-rate decision you make

I’ll be watching you

Jeromious, they’ve got to know that

Naught-naught Jeromious… was this baked in the price? Would this cause a blockage on the way back?

Should we call the Hungarian Plumber?