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the difference between the Thrust and the Beat is that they are both squirts, they both end up in a very volatile relationship somewhere outside the Bollinger Rainbow (BB30-2.0SD in Teal and BB216-2.5SD in Red ). A beat is not the final squirt, but all of these talk about temporary weakness after a concentrated hot mess of blood.


Don’t mess around with those digestives! A Thrust tends to come from beyond the Divider Line (E32HL2 hourly).

So what exactly is happening right now?

We have discussed already how a Wave 1 looks like.

The first two outside fractals (F1 & F2) in the oversold drew a trendline.

It is blue, because there was an acceleration between these points: people went net shorter.

The Wave 3 ended in a Beat that pierced the trendline.

Wave 5 arrived from beyond the E-32 as was discussed just now, and it is going to end in a Thrust that is going to fall short from the acceleration-trendline. Why? Because holdings became less short in the meantime. Relative weakness, remember?

Beyond 4.5x fluctuation maximum stretch you are pushing your luck. See a few entries earlier where I spoke of the swing out to the upside from the Mean, the numbers and the ideas of where the counter-swing may get to.

One by one. You already triggered two counter-effects, this would be the 3rd.

Cap by Cap oooh babe, gonna get to you girl.

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