Oh Harold

Oh Harold, I am such a Faltermeyer!

I have all of this down:

Wave 1 – Channel Target
Wave 2 – Ma +22 Target
Wave 3 – 1st Fractal – Re-Visit Target
Wave 4 – Beyond E32 & Channel Target (2 full moves outside the RSI BB)
Wave 5 – Thrust target

Yet I was not able to say that the Wave3 hasn’t ended yet, why?

When I did not know any better, so earlier today I was looking for a second leg up of a Wave 4. I wanted to trade in the crossed out fractals for a Beat. If you go back and look at all my thrust finder plots, there isn’t a single one that does not require the fractal to spike outside the 30 sample BB.

So, let’s play a quiz now.

The nonfarm payrolls is due to come out today. The market just printed the second crossed out B fractal. You know that this is a Wave 3 down and you are still missing the Beat. You watch as they let the volatility bracket make its way leaving room for a spike in excess of 80 pips with 15-16 on the outside making for a great trap.

Does it matter what number the news would bring when the market is set up to make this trap-round-trip? Do you really think that there could had been any different outcomes other than finishing the Wave 3?

All beats & thrusts have to prove max volatility effort by going outside the BB30

I was looking for the it’s braining, man song and found this instead.

YouTube is a goldmine. This reminded me when my daughter was 3 years old and was singing, “Nationwide is on your side”. No it didn’t.

YouTube is beyond your control.

A Wave 3 does not end until the beat appears. Same exact location as the previous fractal is not good enough.

Coming back inside the band may not be enough by itself.