Man, these Elliott Wave guys are so full of shit!

I was wrong for looking for an ABC correction on the way up. I corrected myself and learned a lot of things, such as traits of certain Waves. I now have a better concept of what a wave 1 does and what are the best continuation entries.

To save face after posting videos and charts this Spelliot is showing an ABC for wave 1, 2 and 3, then this guy goes on and adds another ABC for leg five and just turns the first ABC move into 4 legs – say what?

What were you thinking deciding to make the lie live on and beget ever fatter, hoping that no one notices? You thought that I was just gonna say, your sexy is secret with me, safe?

Did you say that this correction was rather strong?! No shit, Sherlock! 5 waves impulse structure in excess of 325 pips is a complete change of trending direction.

Now you are looking for a Wave 2 up and an undercut of the low? A 9.3x stretch from the mean to the downside was good enough for the year. Would they thank you for keeping them out of trading and losing to you instead? Gradually, of course, how else would you peel a cat?

I, unlike you am basing wave structures on tangible things, such as overdrive bands, moving averages and RSI2 divergences. For instance a Wave 4 is a shot over the bow signaling that the next break would be a turn for real, it sets up a continuation divergence / gets further out on the MA ribbon, effectively losing ground, but I bet you did not know that.

This is a continuation divergence between the Wave 2 and the Wave 4 lows. The low of Wave 4 is not necessarily the end of Wave 4. How are you doing?

You probably didn’t know that a no break extension can extend a wave for a bit longer either.

Question mark: challenge of the low. Within 5-5.5 hours they must be able to close below the low, otherwise the break out attempt was a failure. Where’s the 5.5 hours coming from? A trading session is 6.5 hours long. Maybe from there.

32/6*8=42.7 pips

You just like to write “QWERTYUIOP” on every chart for some reason (admittedly looks very scientific) and charge every human being you can scam into $79 per month for it – and you can pay $149 if you are double the loser.

What is an exhaustion? A beat? A thrust? Overdrive bands? Separation? Channeling? No break extension? Fluctuation maximum?


Stay out of the line of my sight and stop taking other people’s money, Dr. Doxey, what you are doing is criminal! I despise low lives like you.

R1 calculation

   while (i2<500){
      if (iFractals(Symbol(),0,MODE_UPPER,i2))     
      while (i<i2+16 ){
            if ( RSI2[i2]>RSI2[i] && iFractals(Symbol(),0,MODE_UPPER,i) && High[i2]<=High[i]-10*Point ) break;
      if (iFractals(Symbol(),0,MODE_UPPER,i)  && iFractals(Symbol(),0,MODE_UPPER,i2) && RSI2[i2]>RSI2[i] && High[i2]<=High[i]-10*Point) break;

  ObjectCreate("Ellipse3_1ffx",OBJ_TEXT, 0, Time[i2-3], High[i2]+450*Point);
            ObjectSetText("Ellipse3_1ffx", " R1:"+DoubleToStr(NormalizeDouble(High[i2]+420*Point,4),4), 17, "Impact", clrWhite);
             ObjectCreate("Ellipse3_1ffy",OBJ_TEXT, 0, Time[i2-3], High[i2]+450*Point);
            ObjectSetText("Ellipse3_1ffy", "R1:"+DoubleToStr(NormalizeDouble(High[i2]+420*Point,4),4), 17, "Impact", clrBlue);