Super Peak

It’s like somehow a steak was lifted

Brain Calms Down.

What does Elliott Wave say about Wave 3? That it cannot be the weakest of the 3? It is time to choose a different profession, dear.

Clear as the sunlight at night that Wave 2 and Wave 4 had their RSI continuation divergence set – auto plot in Khaki. Wave 3 was the weakest of the 3. There’s a squaring exit at 0.999.

Wave 5 started from beyond the E-32 (Yellow), the Thrust of Wave 5 started from the E8O (Magenta).

Let’s evaluate the encounter with God.

It was the 3rd kind, the non-typical one that blew through and is due to do at least Kiss Good bye on day 3.

The last time around they managed to stretch the band 5.5 folds on the upside before it produced that 9.3x stretch on the downside.

You already know the sound track for this one. White lines, the more I see the more I do.
Get higher, Baby!

So what’s the plan here? Shorting back to God, then wait. No shorting above God after a Kiss Goodbye, but by all means all out shorting upon the break of the Kiss Goodbye Low.

God (the middle line) is not far from Today’s low, but would coast lower with tomorrow’s start. The angle is not particularly bullish still.

KGB: lay all your kisses on me.

Capitulation may be the correct verdict.

Momentum got stretched to 11 days instead of 9 with Yesterday’s close above God. A slight beat come next day is a possibility still.

This is looking like a Wave 3