This was a Wave 5 from hell.


As it turns out, a 200+ pip day which is more than 2x the statistical ATR is on the level. Overrides everything, including momentum at once.

R2 was reached and so was the ATR target.

Coming back after only 2 houtly closes above sounds like a failure, yea that’s another long body, but now the volume that went has come back out. CAPsize would have the last word. There is also a divergence between the initial 300 versus the current 260.

The 6.5x stretch ftom the mean on the upside beats the largest in recent history that was 5.9

There’s a Lema just above. Could this reach it? I’d say at low odds. Once the 5x white line is lost, this would not be able to get back up above again.

The downside stetch with this volatility on the roll could perform a 10x next.

A bottoming process should look like a dog with a bone in its mouth waving it left and right. This was left.

Final score: 6.8x stretch, No Break Extension move printed the same day