End Game Theorem

..in 3 simple steps.

Step:1 mark up the End Games

Step 2: understand how they end

Step 3: patent your franchise

The end game is a Wave5 continuum arising from the undercut of the last 2 4H pullbacks, like a phoenix.
Re-hedge upon 2 closes on the outside of the 8EMO after 3 inside closes.
The end game can peak at an utmost condition or a reversal divergence (98-94)  (2-10)
The end game can end for instance in a 98-94-X hourly divergence
Bet on this sequence happening and make the bet by adding on at every opposing 3rd leg, at every support (S1)

Back testing the other side of the E-67 band (Mr. Maroon) for a Wave 2. Next stop: mean reversion.